86" Sacto Survivor Knucklehead


Some motorcycles are built with one thing in mind–hauling ass and staying together. We stumbled on this fine example of a Nor Cal club bike built around Sacramento in the late 60's at the El Camino Swapmeet this past weekend. The current owner has recently gone through it and commented that the only things replaced were a few worn bits, otherwise everything was as solid as it was decades ago...






The owner confidently bills it as "World's Fastest Street Legal Knuck". Kinda like "Coldest Beer in Town" it's a little hard to prove either way, but you can tell by looking at the machine that it is definitely built for speed.





If you look close you'll see stroker plates under the barrels, an indicator of what's inside; two right side UL Flywheels, 74" Panhead jugs (.20" over), high-comp pistons, Sifton 440 cam and 2.04" intake valves out of a Ford 428. It all adds up to 86" of stroker madness.


dif_strokes2_small.jpg  dif_strokes_small.jpg


For more info on the whole 86" sweet spot, take a look at these articles pulled from an old Easyriders Tips & Tricks offered up by Oklahoma.




Starting to get the picture? Not all the goodies are buried inside though, check the dual 40mm Amal carbs. The frame appears to be an original Cycle Shop with the single loop front and looped rear stays. Dual discs on a narrow glide fork and 18" aluminum Akronts front and rear with a PM caliper out back add up to a serious set up designed with performance in mind. The pipes and controls are all hand made. Little details like sleeves over cables and brake lines where they might chafe make this thing even more bullet-proof and show the mentality of the guy who put it together.

It should probably be mentioned that this bike is for sale, and not at some ridiculous eBay price. You can contact the seller at or 209-728-5112, tell him ChopCult sent ya.

You can download a large desktop image of this bike by clicking the image below. Photos by BFJosh.



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Commented on 9-22-2009 At 05:18 pm

Beautiful lines.

Commented on 9-22-2009 At 06:11 pm

I'm crying because I don't have the coin to buy that gem of a bike!

Commented on 9-22-2009 At 10:38 pm

I'm crying because it's not for sale here in Australia.

Commented on 9-22-2009 At 10:39 pm

I'm crying because it's not for sale here in Australia.

Commented on 9-23-2009 At 04:22 am

I hate being responsible. I'd rather just blow my wad on this baby and not give a shit about the bills!! Growing up sucks! hahahaha

Commented on 10-2-2009 At 11:33 am

Hello! I'm the guy who built that knucklehead!! It was in the '80s the fastest street legal Knucklehead anywhere!!! That P pad is not for a rider; it was to keep my ass from sliding off on acceleration!! Anyone who wants the real facts of that bike, feel free to contact me! It still looks fast just sitting there!!

Commented on 10-2-2009 At 11:35 am

Hey Mike! I'm from NH-Portsmouth. I built that Knuck in the early '80s in San Jose CA

Commented on 10-2-2009 At 11:38 am

By the way, that single loop frame was built by Butch Aday of Lonesone Engineering in Sacto. And the very cool oil bag which is supported by thru rods welded at the bottom of the tank so it doesn't vibrate apart was manufactured by Pat Walsh of Santa Clara CA

Commented on 10-3-2009 At 10:59 am

Fuckin' sweet!

I'm with NHMike - being responsible sucks. Is there a support group for responsible people? I need a 12 Step Program or something.

Commented on 3-9-2012 At 01:58 am

Sactown is all about performance

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