21: Rico Fodrey of Hi Bond Modified

21: is a ChopCult feature that seeks to learn more about the past, present and future of hand-built motorcycles from the people who make today's soulful, stripped-down custom scene tick. Rick Fodrey has been a seminal player in the SoCal chopper scene for over 20 years, but rose to international prominence when "Choppertown" dropped in 2006. Rico's star turn in that DVD documentary put he and his fellow Sinners on the map, and was the conduit that introduced skate-inspired attitude and fashion aesthetic to the leather-clad biker masses.

Name: Rick Fodrey

Age: 42


Business: Hi Bond Modified

Town: Pomona, CA


Coworkers: Solo

Riding buddies: Eric Webb, Danny Takahashi, Mike Olson, Brian Negro, Aaron Strickland


First time on two wheels: When I was three years old my parents would ride from Venice, CA, to Lake Cachuma with me sitting on the gas tank

First hand-built motorcycle: In 1987 I built a ‘48 panhead from the crank pin up while I was working at FHD in Anaheim. I finished it in 1988. In 1990 I sold it to Jason Jesse and he made it famous when he surfed it for a Santa Cruz skateboard ad that ended up in Iron Horse magazine


Earliest two-wheeled adventure: In 1976 when I was nine years old I wrote and illustrated a book called “A Story About My Life” for elementary school. It started with the words "I like motorcycles," then told the story of how I learned to ride, my dad’s bike crash, mom’s boyfriend crashing in a race, and a bunch of other exaggerated events. Exaggeration became my middle name because of the circus I was raised in


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Commented on 8-1-2009 At 07:28 am

sweet man.

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 07:44 am

They broke the mold after Rico... he's a true rulin' motherfucker!

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 12:49 pm

Pretty awesome.

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 12:50 pm

"If you can’t hug you may as well not live!"

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 04:17 pm

One armed hugs are not hugs!

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 10:01 pm

He's a good kisser.

Commented on 8-2-2009 At 04:03 pm

Hey man I wanna read the rest of the story.

Commented on 8-2-2009 At 04:07 pm

i dig the profile, keep em comin!

Commented on 8-2-2009 At 04:52 pm

We have nearly a dozen 21: profiles on tap for you guys, so stay tuned. Thanks again to Rico for breaking our cherry on this recurring ChopCult feature.

Commented on 8-3-2009 At 10:23 am

Good read!! Choppertown: The Sinners is one of, if not THE best Chopper video I've seen!!

Commented on 8-3-2009 At 04:26 pm

Rico seems super cool and laid back, really enjoyed this profile!

Commented on 8-3-2009 At 07:46 pm

i really feel like i know Rico from watching the dvd's. there is a sincerity to him that gets me every time i watch it, which is like every night. great movie

Commented on 8-3-2009 At 08:39 pm

This is fuckin great. I just started reading everything and what a great start. Perfect person to start this profile thing with.

Commented on 8-4-2009 At 02:02 pm

Good article. Choppertown was a great film. Seems like a genuine good guy. Wish there were more of them around.

Commented on 8-5-2009 At 05:41 pm

Hell Rico I was rideing my first Harley before you were born!! Rico is the one person i would like to meet before i die,

Commented on 8-6-2009 At 06:33 am

I must have watched choppertown like 200 times. Rico's way of doing things and the love that he has for all of his friends is what riding and wrenching are all about.

Commented on 8-7-2009 At 01:22 pm

rico seems like a great guy, anybody thats so dedicated to helping guys get on and stay on two wheels is ok in my book. great way to start off the profile feature, keep em commin

Commented on 8-7-2009 At 09:52 pm

great photos.
great bio.

Commented on 8-10-2009 At 09:44 pm

Right On!!!

Commented on 10-11-2009 At 07:39 pm

That Honda he has in one of those pics is sweet asssssss!!!!!

Commented on 3-6-2010 At 12:32 pm

Yeah he is a ruler for sho! Watching Choppertown the sinnners this very moment.

Commented on 4-11-2010 At 03:59 am

Never met him but he seems like a stand up guy! Nice write up!

Commented on 6-4-2010 At 07:20 am

Nice 48 Pan.

Commented on 6-26-2010 At 07:23 am

right on man keep hammerin'

Commented on 9-12-2010 At 10:26 pm

Venice to Cachuma?! Thats tight!

Commented on 2-12-2011 At 11:42 am

Whats cool is that he is so cool that he just doesn't realize how cool he is.

Commented on 4-4-2011 At 07:40 pm

The world needs more people like Rico.....Good Vibes!

Commented on 1-12-2014 At 04:27 pm

Hi Rico , I wish I could learn from you!!!!

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