21 Questions with Led Sled Customs' Pat Patterson


There are some people that you meet once and know you’ll be longtime friends. Pat Patterson, owner of Led Sled Customs, is one of those. He is one of the most solid guys I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with. Pat isn’t out for fame or fortune, only to provide stability for his family and employees. Some might disagree with this, seeing Led Sled Customs everywhere, from bike features and full page magazine ads, to ads on our site, and even being featured on Discovery Channel’s BikerLive tonight. Pat would rather be ripping around the woods on his dirt bike than being on stage, but understands the hustle is necessary to keep his business growing.

Name: Pat Patterson

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Age: 40

Business: Led Sled Customs

How long has Led Sled Customs been in business? 11 solid years.

Coworkers? Joe, Kevin, Ferg, Bob, Clint, Jason, and my wife Jen.

Riding buddies? My  dirtbike  buddies are Carl Faringer of Cycle Electric, Aaron, Gary, Chad, and Gene. For motorcycles, I’m fortunate to share the road with many friends, too many to list, but all are appreciated.

First time on two wheels? I was like 7 or 8, and rode a Briggs and Straton mini bike. I’ve   been hooked ever since.    

Earliest two-wheel adventure? I would have to say my first real memorable one was 19 riding with my brother Jeff and a group of people to PA to a Willie Nelson Show.

Most recent two-wheel adventure? Every Wednesday night is a hardcore KTM riding adventure.

Heaven on earth? I would say I’m having a blast when I’m racing enduros.

First hand-built motorcycle?  I would say that would be my 93 Sportster, it wasn't really all hand-built but I customized it a lot.

Current stable of bikes and projects? I think we are up to like 13, and we’re working hard on cranking them out.

Tool you wish you have but don’t? I would love to own a hydro form.

Tool that you have and wish you didn’t? I love all my tools! I do have this Kolbalt 1/4 inch drive ratchet in my dirtbike tool box that really aggravates me every time I use it.

Proudest moment? Besides my children, I’m very proud to have been successfully doing something I love.

Deepest secret? I’ll never tell.

Deepest fear? Getting caught picking my nose.

Reason for being? My family.

Who were your influences growing up? I would say my dad. I didn't realize it as much when I was younger, but the older I get I realize the man he is influenced everything in my life. Also my brothers. Growing up seeing them all riding dirt bikes, motorcycles, muscle cars and watching them paint and working on stuff really got my wheels turning.

If you lost your right arm? I guess I would get really good with my left arm.

What does it mean to you being on BikerLive? It’s a really cool opportunity, but I’m not really into the TV stuff that much. I just got sick of the other bike shows,  you know the ones.


Here's a sneak peek of the BikerLive build, photos by Michael Lichter.


How important is made in the USA to you? It’s very important to me. I’m not saying that everyone should agree but I think there’s a balance that needs to be attained to keep moving forward. I could talk about this topic all day but it’s easier to keep making great products that I can proudly stand by.

Anyone you would like to thank? All my friends in the industry, and all of our customers that buy our parts and make Led Sled Customs what it is. Garage Builders Forever


You can catch Pat and the Led Sled Customs Crew tonight on Discovery Channel Biker Live at 10 pm, 7 pm pt. They are up against follow Rust Belt shops Porky's Chopper Co. and Raw Iron Choppers. All votes are accepted through Twitter , just follow BikerLive's main account, and cast your vote. May the best shop win! You can also see more images of Pat's bike in the next issue of Cycle Source Magazine. Be sure to give Led Sled Customs a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and also check out Bear's recent feature on thier shop.


We appreciate Pat's ongoing support for our community!


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Comment with Chopcult (15)

Commented on 6-2-2014 At 12:21 pm

killer bike, this is more shots then we will see tonight. good luck, I hope you win.

Commented on 6-2-2014 At 03:39 pm

In the bag!

Commented on 6-2-2014 At 04:40 pm

Got my vote.

Commented on 6-2-2014 At 05:00 pm

You got this

Commented on 6-2-2014 At 09:04 pm

you got robbed, such a cool build

Commented on 6-2-2014 At 11:36 pm

Cool bike that should of won but the show blows. The slo-mo grinding shots are the worst. I won't try to watch again.

Commented on 6-3-2014 At 04:46 am

Bike is beautiful, unbelievable work for that time frame. Tank alone is great.
The way the tv show is formatted makes the average reality show viewer pick they're favorite story line,father -son stuff just warms hearts.
Great bike ,knew it would be

Commented on 6-3-2014 At 08:14 am

what about those rocker covers???? More info pa pa pa please

Commented on 6-3-2014 At 10:55 am

Great build, love your work and all the great parts you guys make. Proud to have good people like you from Ohio!

Commented on 6-3-2014 At 03:04 pm

I watched the my opinion, you had the best bike by far. A clean, zero bullshit build with some excellent custom work.

Commented on 6-3-2014 At 04:42 pm

I was bummed that Led Sled didn't win; been a fan for years. LS crew came off as the most down to earth and genuine by far. I was annoyed with both of the other builders within the first 6 minutes; arrogant and cocky.

The LS bike was my favorite; this thing is beautiful. It does have some familiar design cues from other Led Sled bikes of the past though and perhaps it wasn't "flashy" enough for the TV audience. I love that combo of the LS narrow springer and 5-spoke Invader, that look is so clean.

Congrats on a beautiful bike and a good showing on TV. No publicity is bad publicity.

Commented on 6-4-2014 At 05:45 am

Pat and crew are all class! Great feature Lisa!


Commented on 6-4-2014 At 09:53 am

Best of the builds for sure. If only those in the know were the only ones voting.

Commented on 7-10-2014 At 11:34 pm

Lots to love!


Commented on 1-2-2015 At 05:30 pm

Man, every line on that bike is just perfect!!!

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