21: Kutty Noteboom & Hippy Killer Garage


When I think of the chopper industry in the last decade, I'm reminded of the children's party game "pin the tail on the donkey." Forming the powerful haunches of this animal are the consumers, bucking and braying for the latest trend like beasts at the trough.

In the middle of this lathery backside quivers the hogged-out spinchter known as "the master builders." For years these telegenic torch jockies have pushed out steaming piles faster than their lathes and english wheels could produce them. When the media lost its taste for one stool, the master builders chopped and bobbed on another until the market's appetite for shit was satisfied. If it weren't for the dumb luck of some SoCal Sinners, this ugly party game might have plowed on forever. Fortunately, two guys with a video camera pinned the tail on the donkey before the bloated beast could choke on its own feces. Their "tale" was "Choppertown," and the late 20-something kid at its center was a skateboarder, musician and son of a SoCal hot rod legend named Kutty Noteboom.

Kutty and his crew brought to light a new chopper aesthetic, one mercifully bereft of cowboy bravado and fake badboy bullshit. The chopper media was beside itself with the latest incarnation of "The American Biker," and a bull run on flannel shirts, metalflake helmets and skateboard sneakers ensued.

Kutty neither wished nor willed this attention on himself, and the location of his Hippy Killer Garage is a glaring indicator of this fact. Hemet, CA, may be in southern California, but the small agricultural town Kutty calls home is light years from the glitz and glamor of the Hollywood chopper scene. In a crowded garage behind the attractive home in his modest neighborhood, Kutty Noteboom crafts motorcycles using the tools and skills he learned from his hot-rod-building father. Kutty's lack of pretense is refreshing, and his generosity and passion for bike building are real.




Name: Kutty Noteboom

35 going on 25

Business: Hippy Killer Garage Co.

Location: Hemet, Inland Empire, SoCal




Co-workers: My wife helps sometimes

Riding Buddies:
Duane Ballard, my wife, and Dave Betancourt, but mostly just my bike and me

First time on two wheels: 12 years old

First hand-built motorcycle: Honda 750 around '99

Earliest two-wheeled adventure: The most memorable ones are always when something bad happens…


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Commented on 10-14-2009 At 09:06 pm

kutty is a rad guy and he makes some sweet bikes.

Commented on 10-14-2009 At 09:07 pm

got a nice little operation there...

BTW love the plum smuggler!

Commented on 10-14-2009 At 09:29 pm

nice lighting Magoo.
wish I had your garage Kutty.

Commented on 10-14-2009 At 10:27 pm

Kutty's got a purty mouth!?!

Commented on 10-15-2009 At 02:52 am

I wish I had a cool name like that.

Hanging for some metalflake green pegs some day.

Commented on 10-15-2009 At 07:29 am

badass article, bikes, and shop.

Commented on 10-15-2009 At 07:44 am

Kutty's a ruler. If I could just get him to carry extra gas when we ride and pull his fucking pants up he'd be about perfect.
I'm glad he built the "Plum Smuggler" while I did the "Pink Taco". When we came up with the idea I had no clue we would actually be able to pull it off. Without the constant back and forth, "Look what I did.", during the builds they wouldn't of come out half as good. Riding them out into the desert through downtown Vegas a few weeks ago was insane. It was a life long dream come true and I'm glad Kutty was part of it.

Commented on 10-15-2009 At 08:37 am

I have seen some of those sweet bikes on the net. Thanks for featuring the builder and shop. I like that the shop's website is a link at the end.

Commented on 10-15-2009 At 09:39 am

Great write up. Cool seeing stuff about guys from the IE. Born and raised in Wildomar and I remember seeing shovels and early evos tearing ass around my parents old house. It may be a cultural vacuum here but there is some shit that comes out of here that influences a bunch of other people's styles

Commented on 10-15-2009 At 09:58 am

Very well written Mcgoo...

Commented on 10-16-2009 At 05:44 am

very cool shop. very cool bikes

Commented on 10-16-2009 At 03:06 pm

Very cool write up....been a fan of Kutty's work for awhile now...that Plum Smuggler is something else!!!...really cool looking 70's style digger with a sweet paint job...The whole Chop Cult website keeps getting better and better everytime I visit!!!...great job guys!!!

Commented on 10-16-2009 At 11:09 pm

It is a honor to be a friend of the master builder. My life wouldn't be the same without the Notebooms in it!

Commented on 10-17-2009 At 08:38 am

my favorite shirt is a Hippy Killer shirt ! with a tire slicing thru a hippy's skull.. so bad ass. freaks some weakheart people out too.

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 12:23 pm

great write up! keep em coming!

Commented on 10-27-2009 At 12:16 pm

Great read!

Commented on 3-10-2010 At 07:44 am


Commented on 1-24-2011 At 07:12 am


Commented on 12-29-2011 At 10:31 pm

hell yes good shit

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