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JD Sansaver is a familiar face in SoCal's chopper underground. In 2010 JD's smiling mug lost a battle with an errant cager, leaving its owner with a broken jaw and a fistful a bloody chompers. Not one to be sidelined by misfortune, doctors repaired JD's broken jaw and skull, issued the lanky chopper fanatic a set of dentures and sent him on his way.

After multiple surgeries and a lengthy recuperation, JD switched gears from full-time Hollywood prop builder to launch Flying Monkey Fabrication. FMF is JD Sansaver's first full-time attack on bike building, and the machines he's turned out in his crowded little shop are already turning heads on both coasts. Here is our friend's story.


Name: Jean Dillon (JD) Sansaver

Age: 43 years young

Business name: Flying Monkey Fabrication: FMF

Town: Culver City, CA

Coworkers: I’m a one-man show

Riding buddies: Caleb from Cro Customs; Matt from Dice; Gilber Clarke; Troy from Chica Moto

First time on two wheels: I was a 4-year-old kid on a Schwinn Sting-Ray

First hand-built motorcycle: There’s two: a hand-built minibike my grandfather gave me when I was 7, and a 250 Honda Rebel I built from scratch years ago



Earliest two-wheeled adventure: with my dad. He had a Bultaco that he would drags behind in the snow when I was around five

Most recent two-wheeled adventures: The Ocotillo Wells trip that replaced the Slab City Riot at the last minute. Prior to that I did the Brooklyn Invitational and Gypsy Run, plus a bunch of other camping trips with friends. 2011 was a good year for riding

Current stable of bikes and projects: ‘79 Sporty, and XS650, and  883 XL, an ‘84 shovel and a swingarm chopper bagger in the works

Tool I wish I had but don't: An english wheel, but one’s coming soon

Tool I have but wish I didn't: A hairy palm

Heaven on Earth: Riding somewhere on a loaded bike

Proudest moment: I don't really have one. Life is pretty good

Darkest secret: Two guys one cup

Deepest fear: Two guys one cup

Biggest regret: Two guys one cup

Reason for being: Building stuff

If I lost my right arm: It wouldn’t matter—I’m a lefty

Thanks: To Caleb for all his help over the years; to the Biltwell crew for providing the bright spark for this new builder nation

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Commented on 12-12-2011 At 06:29 am

Hell yeah JD! I always look forward to your builds! Good to see you this weekend man!


Commented on 12-12-2011 At 07:27 am

oh man, i better recruit another girl to bring JD back to the other side and what it's really about- two girls, one cup. He doesn't know what he's missing..

Jd's so talented.

Commented on 12-12-2011 At 10:32 am

More darkest secrets: I was the other guy the night of the 'cup incident.'

I'm proud of it. Caleb is next...

Commented on 12-12-2011 At 11:49 am

JD is a super nice, down to earth dude. And he builds really nice bikes! JD, was good to see you at David Mann this weekend.

Commented on 12-12-2011 At 12:48 pm

Where are all the bike pics? : ( LOL

Commented on 12-12-2011 At 09:08 pm

great story

Commented on 12-12-2011 At 11:21 pm

JD is one talented and humble dude. Love ya bro..........

Commented on 12-13-2011 At 07:38 pm

JD is a great guy and a hell of a rider!

Commented on 12-13-2011 At 08:05 pm

Ah, hats off to a fellow wizard chaser!

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