2017: The Year in Reverse


I begin each year with a new planner which includes dates of upcoming events, possible features, and new goals. I also take a moment to reflect on the community growth and support. Throughout 2017, has welcomed over 53,000 members and I'm thrilled to say everyone ( well almost everyone, lol) has been a joy to deal with. The forums continue to be an enjoyable hub for people to bounce ideas off of one another as well as to share their recent builds. Thanks for helping me moderate the forums and keeping it stress-free. The classified section remains very active, with 99.9 percent of the transactions being honest and fulfilled. You may have noticed a significant change on the website, as it's 90% mobile friendly. The owners have been investing in the site by making necessary upgrades over the past year. One huge step forward is the ability to upload photos directly from your phone. They will continue to invest in the website throughout 2018 to attain a 100% user-friendly experience across all platforms. ChopCult's social media continues to make strides, and our community has grown to over a half a million followers. I continue to post, gram, tweet, tumble and pin to keep the masses entertained. The whole purpose of using social media is to get people involved with the website and hopefully become members. I also use social media to build a welcoming community, bring talent to the forefront, and to support events and those who help keep free for all to enjoy.


Snake's 1955 Panhead by Brandon Fischer


I'm very fortunate to work with some the talented folks within the industry. A huge high five to Daniel Venditto, Ryan H., Benny Stucker, Jason Ochoa, Jay Cagney, Virginia CagneyRyan Loughridge, Nick Faught, Mike Leslie, Liam Kennedy, Brandon Fischer, Brian at Gophers and Cheese, Andrew Quinones, Chris McMorrow, Cicero deGuzman Jr., Josh Allison, Steve Garn, Steve Sheldon, Jason Roche, George Hart, Kamelia Ani, Twila Knight, Johnathon Martin, Eric Konetzny, WayneMikey Revolt, BearAnthony Robertson, and Jennifer Farris. Each person has shined the light on new talent and old friends, supported shops and rad events throughout this great country of ours. Your time and ongoing support are deeply appreciated. Here's a look back at some of the features we showcased in 2017.



The Dirty Devil

Sneak Peek at DicE Issue #76


How to make a Springer with Cry Baby Cycles



The Venusian

Run To Raton


Josh Allison's Black Gypsy

Artist Showcase with Gorgeous George


Eric Vaughan's Plum Crazy Panhead

Born-Free 9


Ryan McGill's Small Bunyan

Tomy Lipka's Purple People Eater


Might As Well

2017 El Diablo Run


New Video: Hippy Killer Hoedown 9

Andrew Clarke's Nebula


Too Far Gone

AJ's Panhead


Focus: Appalachian Moto Jam

The Spreckels Shovel


Christian Herr's 1977 Shovelhead "Baby"

Eva Braun Did Nothing Wrong


Max Esposito's Brass Tacks

Mulberry Street's Snail Trail


ChopCult has supported many grassroots and mainstream events throughout 2017. We continued to bring like-minded people together and helped each community event grow. We had the opportunity to be on location for a few, and it’s always refreshing to hear people say they enjoy ChopCult as a whole. Thanks for supporting events like Strange Days, Deadbeat Retreat, The Reunion Motorcycle Show, Born-Free, Alien Run, Giddy Up, Mama Tried, The Congregation Show, The EDRRun To Raton, Appalachian Moto Jam, and Cheap Thrills. Looking at these events, there’s a wide range of entertainment provided and a good time to be had for everyone. Basically, there’s an event or gathering out there with your name on it, and it’s up to you to support them. There’s no hidden agenda as to what events ChopCult chooses to supports; if you like it, we like it too! Some events prefer not to have sponsors, which is totally cool with us. Sponsors or not, you should create an event listing to get people stoked on what you have going on


Run 4 Your Life by Daniel Venditto                                           Rest in peace Joel Hauenstein


I would like to thank First MFG Co., Biltwell, Lowbrow Customs, Rolling Heavy Magazine, Dixxon Flannel Co.MOONEYES, Burly Brand, Get Lowered, Choppahead Kustom Cycles, No School Choppers, Slim’s Fab Farm, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, S&S Cycle, Chop Source, Vanilla CyclesThe Speed Merchant, Bell Helmets, SENA, Duane Ballard Custom Leather, So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet, and Bison Motorsports for their contributions to the site. You are the reason this little engine keeps on running. Thanks to Cycle Source Magazine, Dice Magazine, Greasy Kulture, Smutt ButtShow Class, and Basket Case for supporting us. Thanks to every builder that allows us to feature their bikes, every shop that welcomed us, and to the event promoters for your hard work and dedication to the industry. I would also like to thank every member for using the site as it was meant to be used. The ChopCult team will continue to bring you engaging content and provide a welcoming space for you to enjoy. To every reader out there, if you like what you see here or on social media, become a member, it's free! And as always, if you have any suggestions for changes and improvements, send them to us.


Over the years I've had the privilege of watching fathers and mothers teach their children how to ride a dirt bike or motorcycle. I have seen people come together in the time of need which is a true testament of community. I’ve met key people in the industry who strive to be their very best daily and create new products for the community to enjoy. I watched one company expand over the years only to turn around and give back to the community tenfold. It wasn't done for the “look at me” factor; it was because they(Dixxon Flannel) believe in them (Moto Fam). I've heard many people refer to as their motorcycle handbook because of the wealth of knowledge shared through tech articles and the forum. I've stood under the ChopCult awning and greeted old and new faces, and for that I'm grateful. Grateful that you enjoy this website and everything ChopCult has to offer. As an extra thank you, we have not one but two giveaways for you to enter.


Click here to enter to win some ChopCult gear.


Click here to enter to win a custom Hardtail from David at Voodoo Vintage. One lucky member will receive the hardtail of their choice. It doesn't matter if you ride a Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Harley-Davidson Shovelhead, Ironhead, EVO, or Kawasaki David has you covered. Please allow a few weeks for fabrication as all hardtails are made to order. I'd like to thank David for his kind donation and ongoing support. Best of Luck!


Lastly, I would like to thank the new owners of ChopCult for not making any drastic changes and for allowing me to do what I do. Not many folks know, but CC sold well over a year ago, and they spent most of 2017 cleaning up the website and enhancing its ability. I think we can all agree is moving into the right direction.


One of my goals set for 2018 is to wake up every morning and do my very best for you. I would like to wish you and yours the very best for 2018.



Header photo was borrowed from Ryan Loughridge's Bigfoot Brodown article.

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