2011 Mooneyes Yokohama, Part 1


Lucky for us Dan Collins of Old Gold Garage Co. in Ventura, California, made it to Mooneyes this year and came back with a grip of pics for the ChopCult faithful. Japan's chopper builders are known for their inspirational and sometimes outlandish interpretation of the custom motorcycle, and Dan snagged so many images we're rolling out his feature in three parts. Enjoy!


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Commented on 12-16-2011 At 05:58 am

Very nice. Very Nice indeed.

Commented on 12-16-2011 At 06:21 am

some sweet ole bikes!

Commented on 12-16-2011 At 07:57 am

that fourth pic is awesome. Great looking bikes :D

Commented on 12-16-2011 At 09:52 am

sick! line up

Commented on 12-16-2011 At 09:57 am

I can`t wait to go next year!!!


Commented on 12-16-2011 At 10:08 am

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Commented on 12-16-2011 At 11:09 am

Wow, and thanks!

Commented on 12-16-2011 At 08:17 pm

Always the best pics, thanks!

Commented on 12-17-2011 At 02:17 am

great pics, great bikes!

Commented on 12-17-2011 At 09:52 am

i fucking love that knuckle, pic 3, genius. thanks for making the pics clickable to actual size.

Commented on 12-17-2011 At 10:16 am

thanks, I used my wife's little Canon G12. It gets all the credit for the pics, I just pushed a button....The show was insane this year. Keeps getting better.

Commented on 12-17-2011 At 10:50 am

Photos have always been clickable to actual size.

Commented on 12-17-2011 At 12:53 pm

bike #4 shuts everything down. rad indeed. mooneyes is on my bucketlist!

Commented on 12-17-2011 At 02:26 pm

Good thing that Knuckle only has 1 cylinder, Look at that kicker arm. very rad bike,I wonder how much HP It puts out, not much I bet.

Commented on 12-17-2011 At 09:04 pm

very nice chops and retorations. for some reason that red knuck near the end jjust seems perfect to me

Commented on 12-18-2011 At 01:11 pm

Great pix... dig the Sporty tracker, new wallpaper...

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