1st Annual Greasy Dozen Run


The Greasy Dozen quickly turned from an idea to support 12 builders to a virtual movement. No pun intended on the "virtual" as we quickly took this from just an online gig supporting home builders and small shops to  doing real world unveil parties. We got our feet wet with these "Unveil parties" in Columbus Ohio for Shawn Hallas's build,  LA for Louis Soto's (Louis Billt Choppers), way up north in Nova Scotia Canada  for Zack Rose of Rose Cycles and finally in New York City for a kick ass party hosted by Feltriager and Lowside Magazine. After the success of these "unveil parties" the stage was set for a full on Greasy Dozen Run and that's what this story is about.



The 1st Annnul Greasy Dozen Run was born of like minded people working to together to promote what we love. Going forward the Greasy Dozen Run will be held as an annual run, party, and corn boil to promote home and garage built bikes and the people that ride them. It's all about using your motorcycle for it's intended purpose while offiering a chance for builders to bring their bikes out, ride some great 2 lane black top and hang with like minded folks. 


Photos By Mikey Arnold



As is my custom I would like to thank those that support The Greasy Dozen. First an foremost big props go to Dale Clark from Tack It Up Motorsports for offering up his farm to put this run on. He also put in major work pre-running the route, not to mention building the biggest bonfire I have ever seen. Big thanks must go to him and his wife Meikin for all they did to help make the run possible!  Thanks to Andrew, Zach and Nic from The Gents Wrench for doing a great job of keeping everyones bikes out of their chase truck, with road side repairs. We also had a few surprises Dan Moore one of our sponsors Moore Sensible Products rode all the way in from Wisconsin and acted as traffic cop, chase bagger, ands story teller. Pat Patterson from Led Sled Customs made a surprise appearance Saturday night with some of the Led Sled crew and is coming aboard for the 2014 GD. I also want to thank guys like Bill and McGoo at Biltwell, Walter at Kick Start for their support, inspiration and encouragement on planning this run. The Triple Six Crew for helping support and promote the event. Lisa Ballard  editor at Chop Cult and Kareem Jackson from Milk Bar for helping spread the word via social media. Jenn at Seventh Son Brew Pub for her ongoing support and and tasty beers. Last but not least artists like Tim Granda and Phil Guy and lets not forget the long list of sponsors that supported the builders this year.


So I guess the message is once again, it was with a little help from our friends that we pulled it off, and you can too with your own unveil party or by attending next years Greasy Dozen Run. After all what more do you need than a great 4-5 hour motorcycle ride followed but a drunken party, bonfiire, corn on the cob and bratwurst. The route, in my opinion, was some of the best roads in Ohio and the group of riders that turned up made it a truly righteous rocking good time. We thumbed our noses at high dollar builds and celebrated brotherhood, riding motorcycles and having fun. For just a moment all seemed right with the world.



As for all that happened on this years run from, awards like "Best Dirt Bag" or who was the last man standing mums the word, you'll just have to show up next year. I do want to recognize our longest distant rider Mikey Rice who came in all the way from Toronto and won $500 in parts from Old Bike Barn. I can't even begin to can't tell you how much fun it was but I bet these shots will tell some of the tale. 



Going forward stay tuned for 12 builders for 2014, an additional crew of associated builders, unviel parties, GD Run 2014 and more promotion of home and garage built bikes. The Greasy Dozen and it's associated events is about promoting built not bought motorcycles and ridning them. Application to be a GD builder is open to any one as is the run. Even if you don't build yet come mix with those that do. It's about growing the movement and everyone is welcome. If you want to be part of the Greasy Dozen Builders this year click here and see this thread for how to apply.



Special Thanks again the companies that supported our builders this year.



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Commented on 10-31-2013 At 01:31 pm

I guess I'll be the first to comment and say thanks to Bear for putting on one hell of a run! It was a small group but a group that made every moment exciting and memory lasting! Most of close friends and some new ones as well. I can't wait till next year, it's gonna be bigger and better than ever! Thanks again to an amazing close tonwhat has been a wonderful riding year in Ohio. Cheers

Commented on 11-1-2013 At 03:03 am

Had not heard of this one! Love Fall riding. Pencil that in for next year.

Commented on 11-1-2013 At 08:09 am

Bear, I'm in as a sponsor again. We'll talk about the details whenever.

Commented on 11-1-2013 At 09:54 am


Thanks for putting this on Bear. Always glad to be a sponsor!

Commented on 11-12-2013 At 11:19 am

Nice collection of photos, I see a lot of familiar faces. It was good seeing you guys off from Seventh Son - next time I'll be sure to ride with!

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