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How do Harley-Davidson motorcycle starting systems between the model years 1971-1988 work?

Harley-Davidson motorcycle starting systems between model years 1971-1988 typically consisted of a 12-volt battery, a starter solenoid, and a starter motor. When the rider pressed the starter button, the solenoid would engage and connect the battery's positive terminal to the starter motor, which would then turn the engine's flywheel to start the motorcycle. In the early 1980s, Harley-Davidson introduced a new starting system, which included a starter drive gear that meshed directly with the engine's ring gear, eliminating the need for a separate starter clutch. Throttle Addiction offers a range of high-quality starters and starting system components from trusted brands that are compatible with Harley-Davidson motorcycles from this era.

How does a solenoid end cover starter button on a motorcycle work?

A solenoid end cover and starter button on a motorcycle work together to activate the starter motor and start the engine. When the rider presses the starter button, it sends an electrical signal to the solenoid, which is typically located near the battery or starter motor. The solenoid then uses an electromagnetic coil to create a magnetic field, which pulls a metal plunger toward the solenoid's body, completing an electrical circuit between the battery and starter motor. This sends power to the starter motor, which then turns the engine's flywheel and starts the motorcycle. The solenoid end cover serves as a protective cover for the solenoid and starter button, ensuring that they function properly and safely.



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