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Shop Custom Motorcycle Headlights, Taillights and Turn Signals

Installing and upgrading your motorcycle headlight is a fairly easy task with substantial benefits. Upgrading to modern LED headlights, or one with an H4 halogen bulb can offer a huge increase in visibility while riding at night.  The same holds true for your taillight, A modern LED motorcycle taillight can is a huge improvement over the stock versions.

Vintage Style Headlights 

Throttle Addiction offers a variety of vintage inspired motorcycle headlights.  These include the popular Aris style headlight or Electroline style headlights, as well as the classic bates style motorcycle headlights.  We offer these headlights upgraded with LED inserts to improve the brightness and reliability.  Many vintage motorcycles run a springer front end, and Throttle Addiction has mounts that will allow you to easily mount your headlight onto your springer front end.  Wiring your motorcycle headlight is a fairly simple, and the look can be improved by using some of our classic cloth covered automotive wire.  

Classic Motorcycle Taillights

Throttle Addiction offers many different motorcycle taillights for a variety of custom chopper and bobber application.  Throttle Addiction carries a variety of license plate mounts, and tail light license plate combos.  We have the classic Model A style tail lights, as well as iconic models like the Sparto tail light.  Whether you have a chopper, a bobber or cafe racer, a modern LED light with classic style is sure to fit your motorcycle build. 


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