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What parts do we sell for Harley carburetors?

Throttle Addiction offers a range of parts related to Harley-Davidson carburetors, including carburetor rebuild kits, individual carburetor components, air cleaners, and other carburetor-related parts. We also sell complete carburetors from quality manufacturers S&S and Cycle Pro LLC. Our focus on vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles and attention to detail has made us a popular source for high-quality, authentic parts that can help restore the performance of classic bikes.

What carburetors are used on Harleys?

Harley-Davidson motorcycles have used a variety of carburetors over the years, depending on the model and year. The earliest Harley-Davidson models used a carburetor made by Schebler, while later models used carburetors made by Linkert and Tillotson. Schebler carburetors were commonly used on motorcycles in the early 1900s and were known for their reliability and simple design. Linkert carburetors were used on Harley-Davidson motorcycles from the 1930s to the 1960s, while Tillotson carburetors were used on later models. These carburetors were known for their durability, consistency, and ability to provide smooth, reliable performance on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Are S&S carburetors better than stock Harley carburetors?

S&S carburetors are often preferred over stock Harley-Davidson carburetors due to their improved performance and tuning capabilities. S&S carburetors are designed to flow more air and fuel, which can result in increased horsepower and torque. They also offer better adjustability and finer tuning, allowing riders to more precisely dial in their motorcycle's performance. S&S carburetors are also more durable than stock carburetors, and are less prone to issues like vapor lock and fuel boiling. Overall, S&S carburetors offer improved performance and reliability over stock Harley-Davidson carburetors, making them a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts looking to upgrade their bikes' performance.



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