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Hardtail Kits

Custom Hardtail Kits and Hardtail frames for Sportsters and Shovelheads for sale at ChopCult

Hardtail kits versus full custom frames

One of the best ways to turn your stock motorcycle into a chopper is to hardtail the frame. There are many advantages to using a hardtail on your stock frame. The most notable advantage is the avoidance of a special construction title which comes when building a chopper using a full custom aftermarket frame.

Hardtail kits Made in the USA

Throttle Addiction offers weld-on hardtail kits for Harley-Davidson Sportsters, in addition to Big Twin Shovelhead and Panhead frames. Our hardtail kits can be purchased in deluxe form which includes a sissy bar, fender and oil tank, or individually. We offer specific parts that go with each kit so your chopper project can come together as smooth as possible.

Why do people hardtail their Sportsters?

Some people prefer to hardtail their motorcycles because it creates a distinct, classic look that is often associated with choppers. Hardtailing involves removing the rear suspension and replacing it with a rigid frame section, which can give the motorcycle a lower, more streamlined appearance. This can be particularly appealing to riders who want to customize their motorcycle to reflect their personal style.

Hardtailing a motorcycle can be a way to make it more unique and personalized. With a hardtail, riders can lower or raise the motorcycle to their preferred height, which can improve the overall look and feel of the bike. For those who enjoy customizing their motorcycle to reflect their personality and style, a hardtail can be a great option.


Why weld-on hardtails are better than bolt-on hardtails

A weld-on hardtail is better than a bolt-on hardtail because it provides a stronger and more durable connection between the frame and hardtail section. Welding creates a seamless connection, eliminating potential weak points or areas of stress that could arise with a bolt-on hardtail.

 A weld-on hardtail is also more customizable as it can be designed to fit the specific dimensions and shape of the motorcycle frame. Once welded, the hardtail becomes a permanent part of the motorcycle, eliminating the need for future replacements or maintenance required with a bolt-on hardtail. While a bolt-on hardtail may be easier to install, a weld-on hardtail provides a more secure, permanent solution for customizing a chopper.


Features of the Deluxe Sportster Hardtail kit

Throttle Addiction's weld-on hardtail kit transforms a stock swing arm evolution Sportster into a hardtail chopper, fitting 1982-2003 Harley Davidson Sportsters with 2" stretch and machined rear motor mounts. The kit includes 100% TIG welded 1-1/4" .120 wall steel tubing, 3/8" thick axle plates with adjusters, and a rear brake mount for 2000-2003 rear sportster calipers. The hardtail kit includes easy to follow instructions and can be completed by most anyone, with the welding recommended to be done by professionals. The kit includes a hardtail with fender tabs, battery mount, and brake mount, sissy bar, oil tank with internal battery mount, battery hold-down bracket, 5" wide flat fender, and axle adjusting hardware. The kit does not include hardware for mounting the oil tank, sissy bar, or fender, and seat pans or fully upholstered seats are available for purchase separately.


Features of the Shovelhead/ Panhead Hardtail

 Throttle Addiction acquired the rights and assets of Haifley Bros motorcycle frame and parts business, and is now producing high quality hardtails for Harley Davidson Panhead and Shovelhead swing arm frames from 1958-1985. The hardtail kit accurately recreates Panhead hardtail frame dimensions and styling, is constructed from 1” X .120” DOM tubing, and uses American made Harley style axel plates from Hardtail Choppers Inc. The kit is 100% TIG welded and comes with step by step instructions. 



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