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WWR- Alec Ozawa's Porosity Princess

WWR- Alec Ozawa's Porosity Princess

The “What We Ride” features focus on our contributors and the motorcycles they choose to kick their leg over. We’re fortunate to work with Alec Ozawa, and he has become a vital part of the ChopCult team. Alex is a Chicago-based custom motorcycle enthusiast who enjoys photography as one of his artistic outlets. Having no mechanical background, his ‘can do’ attitude helped him to build this 1998 Harley XL1200C, 95th Anniversary Custom chopper he calls "Porosity Princess." Enjoy!

Owner name, location: Alec Ozawa, Chicago, IL

Chop Cult Member profile: alecozawa

Bike name: Porosity Princess

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1998 Harley XL1200C, 95th Anniversary Custom

Frame: Stock frame with Haifley Bros Hardtail kit. My best bud, Sam Long, welded the frame together for me because I have no business doing a real welder’s job when it comes to something so important on the bike

Fork: 10” over 39mm tubes by Forking by Frank Hand-shaved lowers Polished stock trees

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