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WWR: Nick Galaura's Sweet 883

WWR: Nick Galaura's Sweet 883

I have crossed paths with Nick Galaura numerous times over the years, most recently at the Biltwell So-Cal Aidan's Ride where he was operating his coffee truck, The Cat Mobile, which serves tasty BlackCat Coffee. Nick consistently has a smile on his face, and seems forever stoked on life. I don't know if it comes from the high-caffeinated drinks surging through his body or he's just programmed that way. My bet is on the latter. When Nick isn't serving up an excellent cup of joe to fellow enthusiasts, you can find him ripping up the streets with his friends and business partner, Cory Linman.

Nick and I recently spoke about him joining the family, and I am proud to say it has now officially happened. I figured the best way to introduce Nick to the community is by showcasing his motorcycle. Nick reached out to photographer and friend Jesse Contreras to help attain the needed imagery. We're equally thrilled that Jess has decided to join our family as well. I plan on showcasing more of Jesse's photography in an upcoming feature, but until then here's a tasty morsel. Enjoy!

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