Upcoming Event: Twin Rivers Chopper Campout

Upcoming Event: Twin Rivers Chopper Campout

By Panhead Jim

In less than a month, it will be time to flood the small town of Crumpler, North Carolina, with tons of choppers for the third running of the Twin Rivers Chopper Campout. This year things will get started on Friday the 13th, but don’t worry because the scariest thing you’ll see coming out of the water will be the guys on “Dude Island” as they wade back to shore for more beers.

We’ll be bringing back DJ Biggins to rock the Rave Cave on Friday and Saturday night, so have your music requests ready as he’ll be playing your favorites well past midnight. There’ll be a food truck on-site all weekend, keeping everyone fed all day and supplied with plenty of hot coffee each morning, which means you can leave all your cooking gear at home and have room left to pack your giant inflatable unicorn for a float down the river. No chopper event is complete without a raffle, and we’ll be putting on a big one down by the bonfire on Saturday night. If all that isn’t enough, the event takes place in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where you’ll find some of the best motorcycle roads in the country that will make you wish you had kept that front brake on your chop!

Ground zero for the event is the Twin Rivers Family Campground, located on the banks of the South Fork River. The campground is surrounded on three sides by water as the river makes a large horseshoe bend around the property. This means there is plenty of space for fishing, tubing, and swimming, so don’t forget to pack your suit and strap your fishing pole to your sissy bar. The western half of the campground is reserved for primitive camping, and we’ve booked all of it. Add to that a rock formation which splits the property down the center, and we’ve got our own private space free from RV’s, kids and camp rules… With almost of mile of shoreline, pretty much anywhere you decide to pitch your tent (we mean literally here!) is going to be on the water, but some spots are better than others, so don’t roll in after midnight on Friday and expect to find a primo spot. I suggest you go ahead and make plans to arrive by noon on Friday, that way you’re not stuck trying to set up next to the porta-johns in the dark.

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