Upcoming Event: Backroad BBQ Run

Upcoming Event: Backroad BBQ Run

Artwork by Gorgeous George

Come down to the land of the pines for a chopper campout on the banks of the Trent River in Eastern North Carolina on May 3 - 5.  Luke and Ronni Woolard will be hosting a weekend long event filled with motorcycles, pork BBQ, live music, and PBR.  By May, the average temps will already be up around 80 degrees, so it will be the perfect weather for riding the backroads and showing off your skills during the bike games.  Taking place on a secluded 30-acre piece of property, it is going to be one hell of a party. 

The epicenter of the event is the Trent River Campground, which as you might guess is on the banks of the Trent River.  The entire campground has been reserved for the run, so there won’t be anyone to complain if motorcycles are ripping around after 2AM.  Better still, they’ve got hot showers, wifi for all your social media updates and a ¾ mile stretch of river running through the middle of the campground if you want to take a dip or cast a line.  The campground is part of an old farm, so while there are plenty of shaded areas for setting up tents, there are also some wide-open areas perfect for biker games.

As with any event, it is always good to get there early so you can snag a good spot and get the lay of the land, so I suggest you plan to roll into Trenton by early afternoon on Friday.  That way you have plenty of time to get your tent pitched (literally, you sickos), grab a bite to eat, and be back in time for the evening’s events.  Things will officially kick off after dark with a bonfire, music, and free beer.  That’s right, I said FREE BEER.  PBR has stepped up to sponsor the event and are dropping off a pallet of beer for the run. Read more.

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