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The 2nd Annual Reunion Show

The 2nd Annual Reunion Show

"When you visit downtown Indianapolis, you have to see the architecture.” I’ve heard this before in my life, and being a bit of an edifice connoisseur, I was excited when I had the opportunity to visit Indy and see all that the cityscape had to offer. The historic museums, theaters, memorials, statues, and fountains, with their carved and acid-rain etched surfaces, and the copper rooftops that have turned green with age, bear a dramatic contrast to the vast expanses of jagged liquid glass reaching up to the sky with rigid simplicity. All of this encircling a brick circle drive surrounding the city center. If you travel a little further south-east from Monument Circle, tucked away in the corner of the city called Fountain Square the first Saturday of June, you will find a different kind of building. Here, it’s culture they’re building, all in support of the bike community. Not only does this little slice of heaven have a Kuma’s Corner (calling out my Chi-town boys), but it hosts a local motorcycle event every year called “The Reunion.” This bike event is more of a street show; it’s a ‘come as you are, and enter if you feel like it,’ crowd-generated voting event. So, if you’d like people to vote for your bike, you can enter it in the appropriate category, and see if it’s what the people want!

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