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The 2nd Annual Greasiest Moto Show

The 2nd Annual Greasiest Moto Show

Running strong for its second consecutive year, The Greasiest Motorcycle Show brought together custom bike enthusiasts from Northern Illinois and surrounding areas for a weekend of celebrating the garage-built motorcycle community. Bad Grease, a lifestyle brand that focuses on motorcycles and skateboarding, hosted the aptly-named event once again at Brauerhouse’s venue space, B House Live, in Lombard, Illinois.

The show took place on the weekend of March 23 and was the unofficial kick-off for what would typically be the start of riding season. Given we live in the unforgiving Midwest, we were once again duped and granted several snowstorms into the spring months following the show. This misfortune of weather made The Greasiest an even more appreciated break from the long cold apocalypse of winter, as we emerged from our garage hibernations into the sunlight for a fun-filled weekend with old friends and new.

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