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The 2020 Paradise Road Show

The 2020 Paradise Road Show

Article by Nick Galaura - Photos by Jesse Contreras

Back in January, I bailed on work Friday and rolled out with my friends to spend the weekend in Palm Springs for the Paradise Road Show held at the Saguaro Hotel. Fun fact: The Saguaro is a tree-like cactus species in the monotypic genus Carnegiea, which can grow to be over 40 feet (12 m) tall - I did not know this. I also hope I am not the only one. Thanks, internet.

The ChopCult event details read, “WE ARE TAKING IT BACK TO THE ROOTS, WHOLE HEARTED -WHOLESOME FUN FOR THOSE WHO APPRECIATE SIMPLER TIMES AND A DELICIOUS SLICE OF PIE. PARADISE ROAD IS A CLASSIC CAR, MOTORCYCLE, & HOT ROD SHOW CELEBRATING THE PRE-79'S CLASSICS IN ICONIC, PALM SPRINGS, CA.” And honestly, things really couldn’t be more accurate. Paying homage to early American motor shows and presenting an incredible collection of pre 1979 classic cars and motorcycles as well as providing an inclusively exclusive opportunity to support artisans and makers. Chain stitching, wet plate photography, parts, vintage clothing, tattoos, and great food, Paradise did not disappoint. I don’t think you could talk to a single person about being bummed to be there….unless it’s because they were having such a great time the night before. And even then!

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