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Sky Ballin'

Sky Ballin'

Article and photos by Mark Kirkland

I met Matt through the grapevine of friends here in Phoenix, Arizona. It had only been a few months since I moved to the area, so I was seeking out some cool bikes to shoot. Arizona has a huge motorcycle culture, but tasteful choppers are few and far between. Matt is a super talented person, so it was cool being able to see his work in person.

When we finally met up to shoot, we had no real agenda for it. We just rolled around the desert ‘till we found a couple cool locations that worked for us. Originally, we were just shooting these photos for fun but when Lisa here at ChopCult reached out to me to see if I had anything I’d like to contribute, I thought this would be a perfect feature for them. Matt’s shovelhead definitely deserves to have some light shined on it. Hope you all enjoy!

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