Scotty Dettwiler's 1969 HD FLH

Scotty Dettwiler's 1969 HD FLH

Article and photos by Mark Kirkland

Scotty Dettwiler and I have been friends since around 2015. Like most things these days, we connected online through Instagram. Between a love for choppers, skateboarding, and cameras we immediately connected. 

At the time we met, he had just built a really cool shovelhead that had hours upon hours of metal finish on it but hadn’t had any real photos of it, so it made an opportunity for us to meet. I was traveling down the coast of California on a road trip from Washington and made it a point to stop in and get some photos.

After that we kept in touch and have been able to go on a lot of great motorcycle trips and events together over the years. Scotty has an amazing set of skills that cannot be missed.

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