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Scott Ross' Electra Pan

Scott Ross' Electra Pan

My husband Ty and I had just finished setting up camp for the Backroad Boogie and were relaxing with some friends when the cavalcade of motorcycles began to appear. They came up the road in two's and three’s after cruising down a quiet road in the beautiful Arizona fall. I immediately noticed Scott’s ride, as those stretched-out forks make it hard to miss. After everyone had a chance to settle in and wash some of the road dirt off, I started wandering through the assembled bikes. There was a wide variety for such a small gathering, but that Electra-Pan, she stood out like a diamond. It’s everything a chopper should be, buttoned down, clean, raked out, and a runner. In addition, the paint job by Andrew of Triple’s Paint Works is spot-on, and that mix of gloss and matte catches your eye.

Scott has done a fantastic job with this bike and has put 10 years of miles on her. You can’t put a price on trustworthy and, there’s much to be said for being able to push a button, firing it up every time, and hit the road. Job well did, sir, job well done. -Jennifer

Owner name, location: Scott Ross, Phoenix, Arizona.

Chop Cult Member profile: azchopr

Bike name: “Electra-Pan.”

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1956 FLE Panhead 74ci. 1956 4-speed ratchet top, foot shift, hand clutch, with electric start.

Frame: Paughco Chopper.

Fork: 12” over Spitfire Girder.

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