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Red Army Red

Red Army Red

“If Jesus rides a Harley, the Devil rides a Triumph” that was the first quote I had heard about this bike and let me tell ya; it holds right through every aspect of Jeremy Schaub’s ‘73 Red Army Red T140V. Low, loud, and unforgiving to any number of people who have doubted just how quick a 750 really is. Believe me; I learned the hard way. 

If you ever get the chance to check out the bike in person or cross paths with Jeremy, take a second to chat with him. He is easily one of the nicest guys you’ll meet wherever you’re at. Thanks again to Lisa and the team at ChopCult for supporting the cause, and showcasing these excellent machines. Jeremy, as always brother, thanks for the support and patience through a couple of dead batteries, a half-functioning camera, and a couple of decent rain storms. -Austen 

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