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Night of the Troglodytes Chopper Party

Night of the Troglodytes Chopper Party

By Daniel Venditto

The Night of the Troglodytes party on Friday of The Race of Gentlemen weekend has become a tradition, especially for the chopper crowd who aren’t looking forward to a long northeast winter. Typically referred to as “NOTT”, the show is always an excellent way to kick off one of the biggest bike weekends in the area. This party always has an amazing selection of solid vintage choppers. Of course, with everything going on right now, it’s nice to look back and reflect on the “good old days”, even if that was just 12 months ago! Here are some shots from last year, way back when “everything was normal."

Although this year’s Race of Gentlemen and Night of the Troglodytes party aren’t happening, the organizers have some things planned to keep everyone occupied all weekend. The “Not NOTT” party is happening at the Long Tall Shorty’s compound in Asbury, NJ, on Saturday, October 3rd. Harley Carrara, the chopper show organizer explains “we are doing ‘Not NOTT’ with people’s health and well-being in mind. Not reckless endangerment or on some stupid political bullshit agenda. We are doing it for our people and our love for the chopper community. 

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