Dude! You know you want to improve the look and the performance of your bike! Lets ditch your sad set up and get you some proper gear.

Lowbrow Customs Breather Bolts come in a two sizes and three finish options for you to choose from. We have breather bolts available in chrome, black or brass and they come in 1/2" - 13 Thread which Fit all Sportster and Big Twin Evolution motorcycles or 3/8"-16 thread which only fit Twin Cams 1999-2017.

When running a custom air cleaner on a Harley-Davidson, a carburetor support bracket makes sure that the carb is securely mounted so the manifold can't rotate, making the carb sag downward. We have a wide variety of options available but highly suggest The Gasbox brand for carb support brackets with 1/2" breather bolt holes that fit 1991-2006 Sporty CV & S&S Carbs and 1985-1999 Big Twins. Gasbox also offers carb support brackets for 3/8" breather bolts that will fit Twin Cam Only from 1999 and later. Bikes with EFI (fuel injection) don not need a support bracket because there is a bracket integrated into the EFI throttle body. 

Install your new carburetor support bracket by threading on your new breather bolts. Just snug them up for now. It's always a good idea to have a gasket in between each surface. Make sure to slide one between the support bracket and the carburetor. Bolt on your new air cleaner mount, don't over tighten! Once the air cleaner mount is secure, tighten down the breather bolts. Don't go beast mode on these but make sure they are tight. After the breather bolts are both tightened down, install the mesh screens and the snap rings. The course side of the screen goes in towards the motor and smooth side of screen faces out towards you. Make sure the snap rings snap into the groove of the breather bolts.

Easy Breathin! - Cycle Monster

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A version of this article was first published on LOWBROW LEARNINS: HOW-TO INSTALL LOWBROW CUSTOMS BREATHER BOLTS.

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