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HOTP: DicE Magazine Issue 89

HOTP: DicE Magazine Issue 89

HOTP: DicE Magazine Issue 89

DicE issue 89 is here and it’s a scorcher!!! Featuring only the best in 2 wheeled treats from around the globe, this really is our best issue to date! Yeah, yeah, I know we always say that so we’ll probably say that when issue 90 comes out too, so whatev’s. Anyway, look at that cover! Featuring a magnificent polaroid photo of Johnnie ‘King’ Redd, taken in Brooklyn, NY on April 3rd 1976. It was shot by the one and only Shovelhead Austin!!! You can also see some of Austin’s other amazing photographs from the 1970s inside this very issue. Subscribers issues are in the mail but we are experiencing some delays so please be patient and we love y’all!

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