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Win a Truck + Chopper! 8X Entries Activated




From the moment I saw this bike sitting in the park, I knew I wanted to photograph it. She has this long, lean look to her that is so reminiscent of the 70’s style chopper and it just catches your eye. It’s always such a pleasant surprise to see custom choppers shooting down the highways and bi-ways of Southeast Arizona. During the show, I wandered back and forth past the bike several times and knew I had to set up a session. A mutual friend put me in touch with the owner, Hank Doss, and that was that. We had some difficulty in getting our hectic schedules to align, and when we finally did, it rained non-stop the entire time. We took a few shots during a break in the weather but wound up under the eaves of an abandoned and unappealing gas station. However, it was well worth the wait and working in the drenching rain to finally photograph Glitterbug in all her glory. Hank and his wife Rhonda are great people, and it was a pleasure to spend time with them while we worked.

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