Focus: Ventura Nationals

Focus: Ventura Nationals

Article and photos by Johnathon Martin

With the sounds of Tom Kelly and the Hilseas, The Moontones, and Eddie and The Scorpions wafting throughout the Ventura County Fairgrounds, hundreds of local aficionados ogled and admired quite the assortment of over 700 collectible and antique cars, motorcycles, while enjoying live music, vendors, food, and more; in what the promoter of the show referred to as a “traditional-inspired hot rod, custom and vintage motorcycle show that welcomes the entire family to come see classic cars and enjoy the lifestyle.” The 2019 iteration of the Ventura Nationals inspired attendees, and afforded the car and motorcycle-loving throngs the opportunity to see some unique and quality cars, trucks, and bikes and leave the venue feeling satiated - it provided just the fix of adrenaline needed, at least until next year! 

With several featured vehicles from Hollywood sets and cinema, the 18th annual rendition of the show offered looks at custom rebuilds, like the pictured maroon Cadillac Coup, candy-apple Harley ‘73 Ironhead , the ‘49 royal purple Mercury, and the near flawless ‘66 Sangria Triumph T-100 built by Anthony Robinson, among so many other beauties.

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