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Focus: The 2020 Iron Invasion

Focus: The 2020 Iron Invasion

Article by Amy Stucker / Photos by Benny Stucker 

Are you surprised to see an article in ChopCult about a traditional Hot Rod and Custom show? Well, 8 years of running strong, John Wells and the Iron Invasion family have always had ChopCult there to support the Choppers, Bobbers and Vans as a part of the show!

If you have never heard of Iron Invasion, it is an annual vintage car show and swap meet, started by John Wells back in 2012 after Hunnert Car Pileup was shut down, and the Chicagoland area needed another fall season Hot Rod show to meet the surge in popularity and quench the incredible thirst for vintage cars. Believe it or not, I was a Rockabilly girl once and was a regular at Hunnert Car, running with Cleen Rock One’s Bare Bones Car Club. There were always a few bikes mixed in, and a showcase in the corner of vintage, stock, rehab’d barn finds… but nothing that ever REALLY like a building dedicated to a show for vans and choppers. Since then, I have been to Iron Invasion multiple times, even participating in the Maiden of Iron Pinup Contest in Woodstock 2014. The location for the show has changed over the years, going back and forth to find suitable digs, but we hope, as MANY other Midwest people do, they stay in Davenport, so we can continue to grow the already staggering interest in old Iron, with a two-day showcase of vintage gold that features tent or camper camping on-site, vendors and live bands.

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