Focus: Keystone Collective

Focus: Keystone Collective

Free beer, rad bikes, and a killer venue? How often does that happen? Almost never. It’s just as rare to have the first year of an event turn out to be a huge success, but my pal  Jeremy Bievenour  and crew really pulled it off.  The Keystone Collective , in York, PA, was just that kind of happening. A motorcycle and art/photography show on the weekend of the  Harley-Davidson Final Assembly Plant annual Open House . The Open House fills the area with tons of riders from all parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, so it was a great weekend to have the show.

Having organized a smaller version of the event years ago called No Dice, and with some encouragement from his buds at White Rose Tattoo, Jeremy decided to give it a shot again. This time he tried it in a larger venue called The Bond, which gave him the opportunity to host a lot more bikes, art and photography, as well as some rad tattooers from White Rose Tattoo. The larger venue and greater amount of participants inspired the Keystone “Collective” name. Motorcycles have always been a part of Jeremy’s life, so having friends and contacts to gather material for the show was relatively easy. It was getting everyone together in the same spot, on the same weekend, that proved to be the challenge. Obviously, from the pictures here, Jeremy was able to rally everyone and get an amazing selection for the show.

As predicted, the promotional material, posters, flyers, etc., were on point. He credits his buds in the local tattoo industry for their contribution. Calvin Hersh (White Rose Tattoo Parlour), Ben Whitman (Red Rose Tattoo Parlour), Keith Elliott (Red Rose Tattoo Parlour), and Steadfast. Not only was the new venue a much larger space, but it was a rad setting for a bunch of bikes and artwork. Located in the Royal Square District of downtown York, it provided room to spread out and some amazing light to showcase all of the hard work inside. Free beer, on-site tattooers, and food trucks outside contributed to a badass party.

Jeremy would like to thank Zac Bentzel, MVP Craig Bentzel (Zac’s dad), White Rose Tattoo Parlour, Red Rose Tattoo Parlour, Steadfast Printing, Cycle Den, J&B Moto Co., 4Q Conditioning, York City Cops…lol, Possum, Alex Devoe for the sick deal on the spot, everyone that contributed bikes, art, and photography, the food trucks and beer contributors, his beautiful wife for putting up with all the motorcycle bullshit, and a ton of other people he couldn’t remember.

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