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Focus: Georgia Grundle Run 4

Focus: Georgia Grundle Run 4

Article and photos by Gorgeous George
My limited experiences with Ranger, Georgia consists of a railroad track, chicken farms, and the best party this side of the Mississippi River—The Georgia Grundle Run. Whether the event happens in the middle of summer on a chicken farm, or on 69 acres of private property blessed by the beautiful weather leading into the Fall, there is no way I will miss this party. Georgia Grundle Run 4...20 went down back in September and you can bet your bottom dollar I was there.
GGR is a no-holds-barred event that the boys from Long Brothers Choppers put together. I honestly feel like the event was tailor-made for me. They have combined my two passions, choppers and professional wrestling, in a perfect amalgamation of partying, choppering, catching up with buds, and the thrills of the squared circle. Anyone who knows me knows of my passion and respect for the business of professional wrestling. So when I heard that GGR was teaming up with Renegade Championship Wrestling out of Chatsworth, Georgia, at GGR2, I made it a priority to be there that year and every year since.
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