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ChopCult Archives: Brent Buenger's Double Trouble

ChopCult Archives: Brent Buenger's Double Trouble

I first met Brent in Bisbee, Arizona when he stopped by the table where we were sitting with George Counes of Spartan Frameworks at the Howl ‘N Prowl show. I was there with my camera taking pictures of bikes I found interesting and asked him which one was his; he pointed out this absolutely stunning 1946 knucklehead that truly stands out in a crowd. As I looked at the bike, there were so many small details that, when combined, made for a machine that is as much art as motorcycle. We talked a bit about setting up a photo session, and a few weeks later we finally made it happen. He calls the bike Double Trouble and, from a photographer's standpoint, it's a fitting moniker for a bike that has no “B” side, as the dual Linkert carbs with brass bird deflectors make the back side of the motor just as good-looking as the “pretty” side. Read more.

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