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Build Custom Handlebars with Cry Baby Cycles

Build Custom Handlebars with Cry Baby Cycles

Hey everyone, it's Josh from Cry Baby Cycles again! Today we're talking handlebars! Everyone needs them, and there is a sea of options out there. If you're having trouble finding what you like or the last 10 bikes you have seen have the same pair, then maybe it's time to build some! I will walk you through the process of making some killer custom bars for your bike. Remember, be creative and push yourself to go outside the box and you will have the raddest pair of bars in the hood! Let's get started!

Depending on what you want and the size you need, you have to start with the right material. Usually, bars are either ⅞ inch or 1". Today we are building ⅞ inch bars. I always use ⅛ inch DOM tubing. There are no seams in this material, it's solid and welds nicely!

You can see that the OD "outside diameter" is ⅞ and the wall thickness is ⅛.

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