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Back to the Basics: Fork Oil

Back to the Basics: Fork Oil

Article and photos by Panhead Jim - When it comes to changing fluids in your chopper, the engine oil and gear oil get all the glory. People spend hours debating what types are better, how often to change, etc, etc, but when was the last time you thought about changing your fork oil? Although not as critical as the others, fork oil is essential to a properly functioning front end and on a chopper, which is usually your only piece of suspension. Since my chopper project isn’t to the point that it even needs fork oil, I’m going to demonstrate changing the fork oil on my old ’64 Panhead. It’s got a huge front end, so it should be easy to follow along with what I am doing… To start out, locate your drain screws which should be on the backside of each fork lower near the bottom. Read more.

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