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Artist Showcase with Cycle Monster

Artist Showcase with Cycle Monster

One of the best things about social media is crossing paths with ChopCult member Rob Hudnut, known to most as Cycle Monster. Rob illustrates detailed how-to techs for everyone to enjoy and use as a valuable resource. He's also a very talented painter and leather craftsman. Please take a moment to get to meet the genius behind Cycle Monster.

Name: Rob Hudnut 

ChopCult profile name: "Merlins Beard" but I've never posted anything. I mainly just read the build threads. 

Current location: Portland, OR 

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Where did it all start? My folks were heavy into the British/Italian motorcycle scene before my older brother and I were born. My dad rode a bike to work every day into his 50's: BSAs, Nortons, Triumphs, MotoGuzzis,etc. My mom and dad would ride double up, with matching Langlitz Leather gear, and head out on many long-distance rides while we stayed at grandma's house. My dad was also into customizing old cars and drove a '51 Ford coupe to work when he wasn't on his bike. We didn't spend much time playing catch in the yard, but we spent a lot of time in the garage together. My brother and I had always been artistic. Over the years, I have become a jack of all trades in the garage, having many bikes of my own and a '53 Belair. One day I decided to draw about the things I had learned, and here we are with some fun how-to DIY's!

When do you feel that art became a vital part of your life? My folks noticed I had artistic skill when I was very young. I would paint banners for school and draw puzzles for the kids in class. In high school, I worked for a small airbrush studio and started my own little business called Raw-B Grafix and sold custom clothes to kids in school. Then I went to art college in Seattle and, after graduating, I worked for Sierra Studios. I was a 3-D Level Designer for one of the biggest video game publishers at that time. They were known for big titles like Half-Life, S.W.A.T. and others. Then, 9-11 hit, and the entertainment industry took a nosedive. So I picked up motorcycles, custom cars, metal flake paint, pinstriping, gold leafing, lettering, and so on. I was featured in Car Kulture Deluxe mag for my monster-style car paintings. I started making t-shirts called Monster Hotrods with original artwork. After that, my brother and I silkscreened our shirts and shop rags with new designs called Hudnut Bros. Along the way, I picked up leatherworking and upholstery and really enjoyed learning something new!

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