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Artist Showcase - Donny Conrad

Artist Showcase - Donny Conrad

Donny Conrad has created quite a name for himself with his one-off illustrations. I’m sure you probably own a few shirts featuring his killer artwork, as he works with many companies and independent brands within the industry. Donny possess the ability to bring motorcycles to the forefront while surrounding the topic at hand with killer vans, babes, or a snippet from the road that we all know and enjoy. Please take a moment to get to know the ever-talented Donny Conrad.

Name: Donny Conrad

Business Name:...I draw stuff

Current location: Williamsburg, Ohio

Tell us a little bit about yourself: As of the last four years, I have been a freelance illustrator. I live with my wife and four dogs in a small rural town east of Cincinnati. Along with being a motor junky, I am also an avid fisherman and nature wanderer.

When do you feel that art became a vital part of your life? Since I was in second grade. That’s probably my first memory of drawing and being relatively passionate about it. My mom used to be bummed when she’d ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. My answer was “a trash man or a cartoonist.” Trashman because at the time they used to ride on the back of the trucks, and frankly, that shit looked like fun. Cartoonist because drawing was all I did when i wasn’t skateboarding or BMX’ing. A musician was my third answer. Nevertheless, it was was probably hard for my mom to be stoked for my future.

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