Mama Tried Motorcycle Show 2019

Mama Tried Motorcycle Show 2019

Photos by Benny Stucker / Article by Amy Sue Sporty

It's mid-February. The Midwest is frozen under a layer of ice and snow. Temperatures are a chilly 26*, and the winds freeze your skin in under twenty minutes; yet, Milwaukee comes alive with a flurry of activity, as builders, buyers, collectors, enthusiasts, and riders all congregate in the heart of the city to see the new builds of the season. The first glimpse of the projects we watched come together on social media all winter break... even the ones that aren't done yet. It's why everyone knows braving this weather is worth it.

As trailers unfold and gleams of chrome and paint catch the fleeting and rare sunlight of the midday sun- The Eagles Ballroom is filling up with a showing of the best examples of the motorcycle culture the midwest can muster. These are garage-built, garage-found, many female-owned, death traps, speed machines, labors of love that never cease to impress, laid on top of a theatrical backdrop that almost dwarfs the 100+ bikes set up in the center.

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