Garage Company OIF Sportster 2006 XL1200R
Created: 5 day(s) ago
This is a one of a kind oil in Frame Sportster that was built by a friend Sebastian and Kiyo at Garage Company in Los Angeles

I’ve owned this bike since 2012 and I rode it a decent amount but not a ton. I’d guess it was somewhere between 8k to 10k miles before it rested for a couple years. I moved to Las Vegas and rode it out in 2017 and then it’d been garaged ever since.

Currently its registered in CA. Price is 6000 and I'm willing to discuss transporting to AZ and CA

Here is a description of the bike from an article that was posted here in 2011.

Details from Sebastian: 2006 XL1200R was 100% stock when I bought it. Kiyo and I took it all apart and rebuilt it into the bike you see trying to keep as much original parts as possible just modified. The gas tank is stock but we shortened it and narrowed it an inch. All pegs are stock, just cut down about an inch each and then welded back on the nubs and and slid back on the rubber. 
Kiyo did all the technical stuff like welding together the hardtail, which he heated and shaped all himself. To make the oil in frame section we had to cut off the top tube and weld in caps in the top and bottom. Kiyo also made pipes, fender mounts, sissy bar, all electrical, aligned back wheel and set up the back brake. I did the easier stuff like machining fittings and tabs. I also shaved the forks, made bars, shorted pegs, ran oil lines, ran brake and clutch cables on handle bars, and  painted everything (except frame, that was powder coated).  Over all is was defiantly a team effort.
Engine was kept totally stock. I also wanted to keep it rubber mounted so I machined special sleeves to fit inside the rubber mounts to keep it from ripping out of the castings.
Also, just as a tip, make sure the alarm module is turned off when rewiring a evo sportster. That was such a pain in the ass because Kiyo thought he was wiring it wrong when it was wiring perfect the first time but we didn’t think about the activated alarm.

Frame: Stock with hard tail and oil in frame mods.

Fork: Stock

Chassis mods: Noted above

Tire/wheel size and style: Stock mag wheels. 16 rear and 19 front.

Favorite thing about this bike:  It was relatively cheap. Its loud, fast and cuts through LA traffic like butter. Even though it’s a hard tail, the engine has workable rubber mounts.

Bike was just fully tuned up, Carbs rebuilt, new battery and custom exhaust has been redone. Just needs a New owner that likes to split lanes and raise hell



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