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A two-wheeled wanderer that gets his kicks leaking used oil across Americas open highways - Tony currently lives in the land of beer and motorcycles: Milwaukee, Wi.

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What Ive been up to

So, I probably should have payed a bit more attention to my buddy Kelly's two words about Kansas when I first told him about coming out here: "Kansas blows." Yes, Mr.Rogers, you were quite correct. The small town feel may be great, but sometimes you just need some excitement and to see the old buddies from back home. I ended up having to stay here for Thanksgiving AND even more depressingly miss Kelly's holy matrimony to his beautiful bride Sam. Sucked. I'll be here in town dogsitting for a professor for Christmas for spare cash, but I'll be among old pals come the eve of the New Year. Can't wait. Miss you dudes.
 Here's a teardrop piece I've been workin on in my metal shop class. started out as a flat piece of Aluminium that I had to beat the ever-loving snot out of.
 Here's a section of a spare tire holder for a 1928 Stutz Blackhawk I'm trying to reproduce using a Dake PowerHammer with thumbnail shrinking dies.
 This is my mini-seat project in my trim class. Combines all the skills we learned throughout the semester into once complete project.
 So now, why not recover a chopper seat? more to come....
 Remember my truck? yea, shes apart for floors.... amongst other things....
And if Sal was a redheaded rapper from Queens, he might look like Action Bronson.
I've been hooked on this dude. Saw him on COC, looked him up, and can't stop listening. 

man down.

My main man Kevs went down last week and turned his wrist into an "S" shape. send some thoughts, prayers, good vibes, or even a text message his way to cheer him up. Sounds like a while before he'll be back behind bars ripping it up. 

Miss you, man. Get well soon. Cali awaits.

we did it before....

and we should do it again.

Tahoe is calling. Lets do this, dudes.

I concur.

back in the saddle again

Went for a lil spin with Joe, the school's motorcycle instructor on Saturday morning. Breakfast at mikes with a 10am departure for 90miles out and 90 miles back. Had a ton of fun, here are some of the highlights!

 Pat, the ironhead man
 Merle not-so-Haggard. Squirrely Merley. Casey Jones.
 Mike's house, Mike's shovelhead, Mike's butt.
 The Lineup. American made V-twin goodness.

 Motorcycle instructor Joe's bagger
 Kept seeing these funny rhinos.
 Cottonwood Falls, KS.

 Can you guess what it is?
 And apparently this is one of the oldest courthouses in Kansas.

Thanks for tuning in!

yup. 6 months later.

Yea man. Been a hot minute. I figure nobody checks blogs anymore, but i see the occasional Kemosabe post, so i figure somebodies gotta be out there. 

Left FL, in KS now. decided to give up driving and finish school. tired of jobs, wanted a career. Automotive Restoration. I can't tell you how much fun classes are! I'm not gonna promise that i'm gonna post on the reg cause you and I both know how well I keep that word. But I will do my best to erase comments from Anonymous morons that use this page to talk to themselves about their solid poops and whatever nonsense they have on their minds.

Thanks for still being here. leave a comment if you aren't a dick and still come here! 
Oh, and Happy Halloween!

"say kids, what time is it?!?"

Kev bought a 63 Corvair van.
"Unsafe at any speed." according to that liberal wacko Nader. We havent flipped it yet.

Ol' One Legger next to a rebuilt version of the bike that took his leg so long ago.

No caption needed.

Kev got a half American, half English Bulldog in december named Ish.
Laziest. Dog. Ever.

Kevs lil brother Jessee's fresh evo.

Chopper dog.

PJs shovel is looking damn clean.

The hideously light weight tri-spoke rear wheel my bike was running for a very short period of time.
Thank God.

Much more appropriate wheels on the truck.

We spent New Years camping in a redneck playground. Some dude buried this truck at 11pm and left it there over nite. If the engine wasn't hammered, the frame definitely was after this extraction.

Uncle Jimmy got wasted.


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