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we get busy sometimes

But never too busy for MM. I think we may even do a kick ass ride. Come and find out.

See you there... or you just may be square.

"Good God!"

....Is literally what I said when I saw this pic. 

(stollen.....again....from Bubble Visor) 

Bubble Visor

(stollen from Bubble Visor)

Bubble Visor is, in my opinion, the best blog on the inter-styled-webs. Dude posts everything from the raddest "choppers" to amazing sport bikes. 2 things I love. 

The last week or so he's posted some of the very best vintage sport bikes on the planet. If you go there and don't like the bikes you see I'll  most likely talk shit on your taste behind your back......but still shake your hand or whatever when I see you in person. I'm not a savage. 

MotoMonday Tonight... cool flyer right?!

I did this flyer myself. cool huh...

the caption says "Thats Mr Poppa Wheelie". I always do the bubble first, then do the words, I think its probably way harder that way. I mean im not gonna change my system now, ive been drawing stick figures for probably 27 years. Im 31 now so 31-27=4. You start drawing around 4 right?
Fuck i dont know, my kid is four months old and she cant draw shit, but i bet all my Starwars toys that she can out fart noise anyone of you... Except my Boba Fett, no matter how sure i am i never bet the Fett Man.

See you there.

Cycle Swap May 19th

Two Stroke Tuesday.... sorta

Brandon sorta fell off on the two stroke tuesday posts, but i came across these in my surfing of the web. check em all out at



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