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The virago build is off the lift... and some tat work!

Got the Lithium battery in the mail and did some final touches to the build.
Pulled it off the rack and you know we had to take it for a ride!

Deuce bringing her out into the sunshine.

And down the road she goes, the front wheel is so large that it takes some getting used to.

Phil with the zero fucks given.

Successful test ride and now Deuce is slinging some ink on Phil.

We are a multi faceted shop, not only can we build bikes but Deuce does some badass tat work.

Chris ran a couple lines but mostly just drank beer and bullshitted with us.

Chris's progress

Chris finished up his one off air cleaner.
Good crowd on Friday night! 

Deuce sandblasted Chris's intake and a battery box for powdercoat.

Chris doing what Chris does, you get a couple of beers in him and his productivity definitely goes down.

Some faux chrome powder.

and 20 minutes later this si the result, that faux chrome powder looks pretty damn good!

Phil's B-Day ride

It appeared we were headed out on a Father daughter dance. Chris had his daughter Haven and Phil had his number one lady Hailey.
75 &  95, It is interesting to see how close these two are with over two decades in difference.
Greg and Eidee hosted a great day. Full spread and even made a cake,...not that Fat Phil needed any cake.
Good friends and fire

Fat Guy in a little shirt

Triumph tear down

The Triumph is tore all the way down and Deuce pulled the motor.

The last ride on this nasty chop until it finds a new home or we decide to do something with it.

Phil pressure washing the motor, it cleaned up pretty well.

A shot of Marvel for Phil and one for each cylinder!

Picked up the new donor frame.  Nice oil in frame Triumph hardtail that Deuce wants to turn into a dropseat chop, It should be interesting.

Now we have a Triumph boneyard in front of the shop.

Chris's rear fender work

Chris decided to fab a rear fender out of a portion of the Virago tank, he was going for a cafe kind of look.
Chris fitting it while Deuce does his thing.

Chris got the fender stitch welded to the rear hoop and started forming the rear.

Cafe Racer sold and the Triumph tear down

Deuce and Phil started the tear down on the Triumph.  This nasty beast will have a new life in the coming months.  Everything came apart pretty easy and hopefully it will go back together the same way.

The Cafe racer sold today to a couple brothers from VA Beach.  Had some good conversation and it went to a good home!

Deuce returns from Cali, let the choppin commence!

Deuce decided to strip the Cafe Racer tank and go for a new look.

Chris dreaming and thinking up even more changes on the Virago.

Deuce sandblasting the tank.

There was way too much going on in this little area but it was raining so we had to confine the electrical shit to inside the shop.  Deuce and Chris making some supports for the rear fender and hoop.

Here is the hoop finished and welded into place on Chris's Virago.

Deuce is making some wood accents to go where the badges went.  Bare steel and some finished oak.

Phil welding on the fender supports to the hoop.

And sometimes you just can't see what you are welding with the helmet down.

Chris enjoying all the work that got done on his bike today.

Shovel Primary Belt

So if you look closely, you will see the remains of the spring retainer ring that melted away. So it was a good excuse to upgrade to a belt primary and a better clutch. 
Installed the new BDL kit and lookin forward to testi it out. Had the clearance the inside of the primary a bit but it went in pretty easy. Removed the primary chain oiler and return line. Once I plug them off at the oil pump she will be back on the road!

The Shovelhead danger ride!

So the title comes from watching this car flipping show about El Reys Garage in SoCal.  The owner always had the idioms for what he was doing.  When he would take an untested car for a test drive, he would call it the "Danger Ride"!  This was absolutely the Shovel danger ride!!  I tore the clutch down and cleaned everything real well and refaced the friction disks.  Put everything back together and adjusted it.  For the first time I was able start the bike in gear and shift from neutral to first, time to ride!
Chris continues work on the Virago.  He reworked one of the tank mounts because it was crooked as hell from the factory.  Haven was just waiting for the ride!

The bike ran beautifully until the clutch disks flattened out and I needed to readjust.  Got them readjusted but it heated up getting me off the road.

Stopped to readjust again and the inner spring retention ring had melted off and gummed up the clutch disks.  My danger ride was over and we had to trailer it home.  I didn't hang my head because this bike went from backetcase to this and you have to ride it to figure out the issues.  It was a great day and great ride.  I have named this bike Maud because she is one unforgiving bitch.  Next step is an upgraded clutch and belt drive to get rid of the oil bath primary.

3rd Annual Blessing of the Bikes, Fredericksburg, VA

Deuce and Chris prepping Chop Nasty for the ride down, it was pretty cold so everything was sluggish to start up.  We got them all started and set out.
Jenny is such a badass riding the fender!

Another good turn out, last year they had about 300 bikes but the weather was better.  We estimated about 200 bikes there.  Bible Dave was running around blessing bikes along with a couple others.

The parking lot was full of stock bikes and baggers but this beautiful Yamaha was hiding in there.  Good looking ride!

This trike caught our eye with the stripped down look, very cool build. 


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