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El Diablo Run 2017 post 9 of 12

El Diablo Run 2017

Taco Moto Tuesday returns to J. King Neptunes!

Thanks for the love J. King Neptunes! Always a great time at your establishment.
Taco Moto Tuesday, weekly ever-changing dinner rides in the pursuit of tacos! All welcome, follow @tacomototuesday on the IG for weekly details on who's tacos we'll eat next....

El Diablo Run 2017 post 8 of 12

El Diablo Run 2017

Down to the last 16 books from 2016's BLUE VELVET

Good news and bad news! We're now (at the time of writing this) down to the last 16 books from this years BLUE VELVET Annual Photography Books, the BEST of the Lady Hump blog, so if you still haven't gotten around to adding one to your collection... do it. I'll pull 2 or 3 books to raffle at the Alien Run 2017, June 3rd in Rachel Nevada, but when they're gone, that's it. Cheers and thanks for supporting grassroots publishing and our DIY efforts!

Large back sized patches from some of our favorite shirt designs, screened on heavy duck canvas and hemmed at the edges.

Of course the Classics

FREE Buttons, Stickers, and a screened shop rag with every book or t-shirt order.

And our collection of smaller DIY homemade patches, screened on duck canvas and hemmed.

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Motorcycles are dangerous? More like, Banana Boats ARE DANGEROUS!

M-A-T-T- Matt!!!!

El Diablo Run 2017

TACO MOTO SATURDAY (more pics from May 20th 2017, pt. 2/2)

THE VEINS performing LIVE at Taco Moto Saturday!
Rendezvous Lounge, Carson, CA.

Just a couple more pics from our first TACO MOTO SATURDAY of 2017
Stay Tuned for more FREE SHOWS coming at you this Summer
Because Taco's aren't just for Tuesdays any more.... Ha Ha HA HA Ha Haaaaa!!!!!

El Diablo Run 2017 post 6 of 12

I don't know where this banner came from but it's probably the best banner in the world for a multitude of oxymoronic reasons! I love it.

El Diablo Run 2017

Ohhhh man, I think we messed up??? WE MISSED TACO MOTO SATURDAY!!!!! pt. 1/2

The idea is simple; Put on FREE SHOWS with LIVE BANDS on Saturday afternoons throughout the Summer as a natural extension of the ever popular Taco Moto Tuesdays! We did one show last year and it was a total hit, so this year we're going to try and do two (maybe three....?) but our first TACO MOTO SATURDAY for 2017 was yesterday (and hopefully you didn't miss it?) and it was fun as fuck! Thanks to everyone who showed up and supported Good Times and TACOS~! Did I mention these are FREE SHOWS? Well, that's the difference between "for profit" and "for fun" and we think that makes all the difference in the world! High Five Bitches!!!

BAD MACHINE performing LIVE at Taco Moto Saturday
HUGE THANKS to the Rendezvous Lounge for the hospitality!!!!

Just a quick pic with Art's Wheel before we hand it off to a family member for a month. We LOVE you Art! Set No Course, Never Be Lost!

Naked Rob getting a little Nuts to Butts action!

And a huge thanks to Vinnie Vegas for putting together yesterdays festivities!

Live Music, Tacos, and GREAT PEOPLE!

El Diablo Run 2017 post 5 of 12

El Diablo Run 2017



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