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Knives N' Knuckles Campout 2016 (post 4/4)

I have no memory of the ensuing Demonic Swine Ceremony taking place or that I was even present for said event. I can only assume somehow, my camera captured these pictures through some type of electronic error or digital manipulation? I hesitate to guess on the proceedings, but suffice to say I woke up the next morning, safely in my tent, clutching a knife that didn't belong to me (although it contained no evidence of use upon closer inspection). There were warning signs of Mountain Lions in the area posted at the campsite entrance, so I'm sure that was it...

Knives N' Knuckles Social Club
Knives N' Knuckles Campout 2016
Swine City

Knives N' Knuckles Campout 2016 (post 3/4)

More photography from the Knives N' Knuckles Campout 2016

Knives N' Knuckles Campout 2016 (post 2/4)

Lunchtime at the Knives N' Knuckles Campout 2016 followed by the "Alcohol Egg Hunt"...

Knives N' Knuckles Campout 2016 (post 1/4)

Had a great time last weekend at the annual KNIVES N' KNUCKLES CAMPOUT 2016, put on by the Knives N' Knuckles Social Club, about as DIY as you can make it! Absolutely grassroots without a doubt. No fees, no tickets, no membership or parking passes to purchase, just show up and have a good time, proving once again how to do it right (but I'll lay off the political for now). Bring something if you want to contribute. I'd like to offer a sincere thanks to Nick and Saint, and everyone else involved in organizing this amazing weekend! It was a wild ass party in the mountains above Lake Elsinore, tucked away in a secluded valley surrounded by fog... 

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DIY Homemade Duck Canvas Patches

Something new in the Lady Hump BigCartel shop beside our photography annuals and t-shirts; we've screened our own duck canvas patches. These are sew on only (not iron on), $5 each with free shipping and free stickers. 14 different styles in all. Each one is hand screened, cut, and sewn by us! About as DIY as it's going to get barring you break out the needle point and stitch your own, which would actually be cooler... but regardless, these are made right here in Torrance, CA. USA!!!

The ALIEN RUN 2016 (post 2/8)

Nobody wants to paint Joe Dirt ?!?!

The day before the Alien Run 2016 meet & greets in and around Las Vegas

TACO MOTO TUESDAY last week, this week, and ...beyond!!!

May 24th 2016

This weeks destination is TACO SURF Westminster, 6061 Westminster Blvd. Meet for the ride at the Chevron, Alamitos & Broadway, Long Beach, TUESDAY May 31st, 2016 KSU 6:30 PM.

... and to tease something we're working on for July, something special, save the date of Saturday JULY 9th ( I know, it's not even a Tuesday... whut ??? ) 

The ALIEN RUN 2016 (post 3/8) ...SLOW RIDE

Couple pictures from the Slow Ride at the Alien Run 2016
Some might be tempted to call it a "Slow Race" but there's absolutely no racing involved. 

One rider lost it, luckily when you're voluntarily participating in a "Slow Ride" you're traveling at a very slow speed... almost in Reverse gear, if motorcycles had such a thing? Go Go Snail Power!!!

IG #AlienRun2016 @AlienBuilt 

The ALIEN RUN 2016 (post 4/8)

More pictures from the ALIEN RUN 2016, Rachel Nevada, Little A'Le'Inn (pronounced a'le'inn just like it's spelled... m'kay?)

The ALIEN RUN is an annual event master minded by AlienBuilt. 

The ALIEN RUN 2016 (post 5/8) We call it FREE Camping, because it's... FREE!!!

Everybody had a blast! Thanks for showing up and supporting good times!!! 

The Lady Hump has made the decision to only support grassroots events (those dedicated to not profiteering). Events that charge you to park, camp, attend, or simply sell you a "ticket" in any sense of the word, we'll pass on. There's plenty of people who will buy the "tickets" and we'd rather ride off in the other direction...  You've heard the term "ride free" ??? What the hell does that mean to you? I'll tell you what it means to me. It means drawing a line in the sand and not trying to market a product that's available for free. Canned Air for some reason comes to mind.... But so does Kool-Aid from Jonestown? 

Don't drink it...



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