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Taco Moto Tuesday takes us once again to Don The Beachcomber! And they deserve a huge thanks for going the extra mile and dishing out $1 tacos for our group on Taco Moto Tuesday!!! For info on future dates/locations follow @kultofspeed on the IG.

Lady Hump's recommendation is the Zombie. Damn delicious!!! Two will do you, but three will put you to sleep! Either that or I'll gladly admit to being the lightweight...

Biltwell RIDE TO THE PINES (pt. 1/3)

Took a ton of pictures at Biltwell's RIDE TO THE PINES (2) the day before the NorCal Swap Meet. Here's the final ride destination, BONES ROADHOUSE (4430 Pleasant Valley Road, Placerville, CA.) super good food and great people!

DixxieHazzard Family Campout

I gotta give it up for Halsey Errecart (@DixxieHazzard on IG) and her Parents, yeah! Who threw their first Chopper Campout (after the Biltwell Ride To The Pines) and NAILED IT! Somewhere deep down winding roads (I guess there's a lot of those in NorCal), outside of Auburn California, FREE Camping, Tri-Tip Pulled Pork and BBQ Barrel Chicken Dinner, endless Scrambled eggs, Coffee, Bacon and Sausage for Breakfast, Wayyyy too much booze to drink in a night, "Where's the Jameson!" PONY CART RACES, Bonfire... it should have been a two day affair! This is homegrown hospitality done right... take notes people!!!

Thanks for everything Halsey!

NorCal Sunday

I started to get a burning hole in my pocket and realized I couldn't buy anything I wanted here and be able to strap it to the bike home... I'd never been to the NoCal Swap Meet before and I rarely even attend swap meets any more (blame it on burnout, or overpricing, or just the lack of any control on the bullshit people are allowed to sell in what's billed as a "cycle swap" but ends up being something else entirely, don't get me started...) BUT, I did have an awakening in Sacramento at the NorCal Swap Meet. This place was 99% chopper/motorcycle related. Cheers on doing it right. (and I'll also praise the location snack bar, the likes of which I haven't seen since I was a kid and there were still drive-in movie theaters in Southern California). 

Taco Moto Tuesday to J. King Neptune's

Couple pics from TACO MOTO TUESDAY on 4/26/2016
Weekly Taco Meet & Drink, everyone welcome! Non-segregated event
Follow @kultofspeed on IG for more info

Huge thanks to J. King Neptune's in Sunset Beach (family owned for over 50 years) for hosting us this week! Taco Tuesday $1 tacos can't be beat!


(Repost from original Chop Cult thread)

The Greasy Dozen Garage Builder Collective 2016 is here!

Like we said the first year; its not a tough guy thing its about building / riding motorcycles and having fun!

Selection starts today and runs through May 21st at 8pm est.
Who Can Apply: Anyone can participate; 33 members, Flies, Cats, Zombies, Taco Eaters, Scooter Trash, Lurkers, the only group barred are Vegans...

You must be a home garage builder or small shop with 2 employees or less. This is not some corporate thing its a very basic grassroots affair with a focus on building bikes! Its been that way since we originally approached Billdozer about it and so it will remain. Pulling together like-minded companies to help out new builders and up and coming shops with parts and support!

I had a good conversation with my friend Walter at Kick Start Cycle a few days ago. We talked about when the new scene emerged around 2005 and how things were really cool and drama free. It was finally a scene about the bikes and good times. There were few rivalries and anyone that wanted to bring that was quickly made aware that this was about riding motorcycles and having fun.
The Greasy Dozen Builder Collective embodies spirt and I'm hoping this year we can gel some of the brotherhood and collective energy that made the first years so great..

The Greasy Dozen will continue to call Chop Cult home. True to its form we will be getting back to the roots of brotherhood, community and collective effort that made the emerging nouveau chopper scene so great. We have opened it up to allow users of other forums or those who are exclusively on smart phones to participate.

All brands, all creeds, the only rule is be respectful to one another and make it about the bikes!


Ok, lets get to the CHOP CULT THREAD!

ALIEN RUN 2016 is one month away....



That just means, cash in all your empties for gas money and change the oil in your bike! We're headed to Rachel Nevada May 21st and 22nd for the annual gathering of motorcycles and intergalactic aliens. All species welcome! All sexes welcome! This is not a corporate for-profit event. This is not a segregated event, it's open to anyone who wants to ride out and have a good time, meet and party with like minded people (leave your asshole friends at home), and share the warmth of a bonfire under the stars as Area 51 hot shots light up the night sky... FREE CAMPING, food and adult beverages available at the Little A'Le'Inn Cafe (hosting out our party)(and they do sell 12 packs for campers). There will also be an Alien Run Raffle on Saturday night including lots of one-off custom made "alien" themed items.


Taco Moto Tuesday does Walkers Cafe, 700 W. Paseo Del Mar, (off Point Fermin) in San Pedro to be precise! Huge thanks to Walkers for adding Taco's to the menu for our visit! Gotta love a place willing to change up the menu and host our rowdy group of salsa dancing beer drinking infraction breaking two wheeled hooligans.

Taco Moto Tuesday 4/19/2016

for future TMT dates/locals follow @kultofspeed on IG

CRICK OUT 2016 (pt. 7/8)

Got nothing but pics from the Crick Out 2016 all this week on the blog! 

How did you miss this trip again?



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