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Taco Moto Tuesday THE GOOD BAR Long Beach

This weeks Taco Moto Tuesday takes us to The Good Bar in Long Beach!
Always rad taco (very nice guys!) and beer specials. Can't be beat.

For weekly destinations follow @TacoMotoTuesday on the IG

...with a night cap at the Pike.

Taco Moto Tuesday hits the Wafarer in Costa Mesa

So who's up for a little Yoga on the beach before Tacos? Well, we'll meet you there... 

Weekly Tuesday (as the name implies) rides to different (or alternating) Taco hangs throughout Long Beach and surrounding cities. Follow @TacoMotoTuesday (IG) for the low downs on the meet ups and destinations.


Just a few more pictures from the Turbo Campout 2016 in case you just haven't had enough of them over the last week! Cheers and huge thanks to everyone who helped out with the Turbo Campout 2016, raffle sponsors, cooks, clean up crew, everyone who rode out for the camp out! It was fun to say the least. Steffan from Zombie Performance did say this would be the last one of it's kind, as to prevent if from becoming just another "event" on peoples calendars ...but he promised there would be something else in it's place more group oriented.


Just a few more pictures from the Foster Dam Run

 Back at the Turbo Campout 2016 for the TURBO RAFFLE
Huge thanks to all the support from the following people and companies for donating to this years raffle!!!

 Northbound Coffee Roasters, J Lynn Tarlor Art, Biltwell Inc., Icon 1000, Lowbrow Customs, Loud n' Greasy, Draper Brewing, Ride More Talk Less Ind., Fabrication Underground, Sasquatch Fabrication, Zombie Performance, Big JMR 84, and Lady Hump too... and less I forget Wuss Army Kit who's always down for a good time, metal flaked and painted some skate decks for the event! Even if you don't skate, they make a pretty good garage art piece.

TURBO CAMPOUT (pt.3) Foster Dam Run

Foster Dam Run on September 10th
Not a very long run, but enough to hit Sweet Home for lunch and cruise around Foster Dam. I'll be retiring to Oregon one day (give or take ten years) and will certainly make Lake Foster one of many recreational destinations.



The TURBO CAMPOUT at the Fernview Group Campground is located along the South Santiam River approx. 22 miles east of Sweet Home Oregon in the Willamette National Forest. 

There truly is nothing better than small motorcycle campouts in my opinion. Others might desire larger attendance numbers or a plethora of amenities, but I'll take a handfull of like minded people (in this case approx. 50), some open roads (preferably not flat and endlessly straight. I'm talking to you Grapevine.) and some really really good beers to sample throughout the night (kegs provided by Draper Brewing, Roseburg, Oregon. Wow! Delicious). And there was awesome Moonshine, Food, and Coffee there too! All in all, a very awesome weekend. More pics coming tomorrow...



We arrived at CAMP TURBO (aka) the Fernview Group Site (aka) the Turbo Campout just before sunset on Friday and the party was already in FULL-TILT DOUBLE-TURBO OVER-DRIVE! Cheers to the Zombie Underground Team of Zombie Performance and Fabrication Underground for putting this campout together!!! I'll be posting pics all week long from the Foster Dam Run, the Turbo Raffle, The Turbo-Polar Bear Club and campground shenanigans so stay tuned... 

September 9th, 2016



 Harold's Place, San Pedro
Taco Moto Tuesday

Spinning records and re-enacting "A Current Affair" headlines from the 90's... 

Art Forever Forever Art RIDE to Cabazon Dinosaurs (pt.3)

In true Art fashion, we also decided to do something we'd not likely do otherwise... so after the ride to Cabazon to spread some ashes we took it down the road to the bowling alley and made a mockery of the sport, not intentionally mind you, only that between to group of us attempting to bowl, it sucked pretty hard. None the less, good times were had by all!


"... We're not crazy."

"Ernie McCracken can't touch these balls!"

Tater Tots are USA!!!

Art Forever Forever Art RIDE to the Cabazon Dinosaurs (pt.2)

Family and Friends remembering Capt. Arturo Zamarripa #ArtForeverForeverArt taken from us too soon, always with us in spirit! Truly a teacher in how to live life to it's fullest everyday. Thank you Art.

above pics from @Lucinda_Blue_Velvet IG

Earlier this year, Art skipped riding out to the Alien Run 2016 and asked me to help him reach out to people who might put him up for the night along a route he had planned (from the Pacific Coast to the Gulf Coast and to New Orleans. He spoke to me about his quest for his Fiddler's Green... His trip was evidently a personal milestone and a crap load of fun for him. Unfortunately, his life would then be taken from him by a careless driver making a left hand turn on the night before he was to head out back to Sea ... May you live in your Fiddler's Green forever Capt. Art!

"So many Irish were known to be sailors, and when it came time for a sailor to retire he would go in search of Fiddler's Green, which is Heaven on Earth. Turns out you can walk there. The way you find it is you carry an oar over your shoulder and you walk and you walk until one day someone comes up to you and asks, "Hey stranger, what's that on your shoulder?" Because once you've walked so far from the sea that people no longer recognize an oar, you've found Fiddler's Green"

~ Arturo Zamarripa

When in doubt, stick it out!



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