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 Friday December 5th come down to Venice and help give back to the kids of our community by rolling up on your bike or scooter with a new unwrapped toy in support of the 2nd Annual Two-Wheeled Toy Drive!  

There will be a DJ, complimentary food from Wurstküche & Pitfire Artisan Pizza - Mar Vista, drinks from Angel City Brewery, Pabst Blue Ribbon, American Born Moonshine, & Sailor Jerry, a charity raffle, holiday games and camaraderie amongst friends.  The event will be held at the old city hall, Beyond Baroque, from 8pm-midnight.  A new unwrapped toy or a $20 donation gets you access to the evening's festivities.  

THEN!  Sunday morning, Dec 7th, we will gather at Deus Ex Machina (1001 Lincoln Blvd., Venice CA) for some coffee and strap all of these toys to our bikes.  We have been given the go ahead from the city to ride over the boardwalk into Muscle Beach and deliver the toys in proper fashion:  on our two-wheeled sleds!  There will be a ton of press, local freaks & families, so it will be pretty rad to have a VERY LARGE turnout of support bikes to help with this delivery!

None of this could happen without the support of these fine businesses & clubs: 

Venice Vixens
Black Top Society
British Customs
Biltwell Inc.
Bartels' Harley-Davidson
Ahbe Racer
Ohana Alliance
Moto Chop Shop
The Mighty Motor
Indian Motorcycle of OC
Lossa Engineering
Ramming Speed
East Side Moto Babes
The Velvets M.C.
Venice Beach Wines
Progressive Suspension
Pyrate Ryderz M C
Mike's Motorcycle Towing
Route 66 Modern Classics
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys
Deus Ex Machina USA
Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club - VVMC


Let's get this back to the rightful owner who spent a lot of time working on it. We'll make you a copy of it if you return it, but it belongs to the artist. Thank you.

1999 Dyna Convertible for Sale

1999 Dyna Convertible for sale
88 twin cam, comes with convertible bags, current and clean title.
16,500 miles, $6,700. cheaper than on CL, that's for damn sure!
Call or Text Rich at 949-636-8893

My pictures suck from Escape to Hazzard County 3

It's not like I'm a professional photographer, because I am not. But with the workload on my (our) shoulders I didn't have the time necessary to take proper photos like I would have like. That being said... who cares? I know... just show the pictures you got. I've still got a week of clean up in the storage units of Lady Hump to tuck all this in for the next year, so posts might be few and far between, but we'll be back at it soon enough.

Hazzard County 3 was incredible. From the support staff, the volunteers, the attendees 500 SUPERFRIENDS STRONG!!!, the Rangers (who took the night off, thank you!), the Raffle Sponsors, the clean up crew (sorry for all the condoms, who knew that was going to happen? We did. We picked them up last year too), those who participated in the Hazzard County Games!, the Cock Fight* (not an actual fight*), The Daisy Duke Contestants, the Bands!, the tattoo artists, the cooks, ... the list goes on and on. Thank you! If you didn't have good time at Hazzard County, you need to buy yourself a happy Unicorn suit and rock it every day until you realize there's hillbilly Love in the hills of Hazzard County!

Sincerely, thanks to everyone who came out and had a BLAST! It was incredible meeting so many of you again. I'm actually jealous I missed most of the party working, but if you have a good time, then that's good enough for me!!!

I know this guy had a good time... obviously.

This dude is a monster!!! I'll figure out who was taking pictures of this event and give some proper credit to this years HE MAN OF HAZZARD COUNTY who, by God, earned it!!!

Will Travel with Will Solares

Our good friend Will Solares moved from sunny Southern California late last month with the intent to travel the country and (eventually) hit some of the bigger events back east as they roll around the calendar. This month, Will is living up in Northern California (I know, I don't even know where that is.... kidding). Next month he's planning on some Southwestern Arizona flair (something about line dancing? I'm not sure...) but he's promised to send us pictures along the way throughout his journey so all his friends back at "home" can keep up with his moto adventuring! Thanks Will.

Anarchy Comes To The Minskoff Theatre!!! (sponsored advertisement)

Minskoff Theatre Main Page

Opened in 1973, the theatre was named for Sam Minskoff and "Sons", one of New York's distinguished real estate families.

Over 200 craftsmen, artisans, and garage builders will work for the next six months to extensively refurbish the Minskoff Theatre to welcome FX's Original Redwood production of Songs of Anarchy. In addition to adding a "Teller Morrow" garage themed gift shop and cafe, famed architectural designer Mariuca Brancoveanu has created a dramatic new environment that starts with the terrazzo walkway through a custom "master builder" motorcycle lined promenade into the theatre. The main lobby area features hand-painted Sportster tanks and gold-leaf sculpted tableaus that adorn the theatre's expansive interior walls and showcase its panoramic views of Broadway.

Major funding from Harley Davidson USA. Original score by Curits Stiger and featuring two time Golden Globe winner Katy Segal in her first Braodway musical. The Minskoff has 1,597 seats and is one of The Nederlander Organization's nine Broadway theatres. 

Superfriends; You've Got Mail

This post only applies to CURRENT members of the Superfriends :::

"You've Got Mail!"

Approx. 2 days ago I sent out the information you will need for this years Hazzard County.

If you bought multiple memberships, in the email I asked for those names, if you have not already sent them to me. 
If you have responded, thank you sincerely! We've got a lot work ahead of us on this end but it's totally worth it...

Everyone else; Membership is Full. We are at Maximum Capacity and can not accept any additional memberships this year. Sorry...


Dead Marionette Theatre
You absolutely MUST see this show!!!
You have two chances remaining this year...
October 31st
November 1st
1500 Aviation Blvd., Redondo Beach CA



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