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Harold's Place USA from June 14th 2018!!!! Good Damnnnnn that was FUN!





Just some pics from the epic night at Harold's Place USA June 14th 2018.
Thanks to Stress Position and Born A Lot from Portland, OR. for jumping into our little circle jerk of fun!!!!

Tomorrow Night ( Thursday, June 14th ) LIVE @ Harold's Place USA

Tomorrow Night! We're playing with a couple touring bands out of Portland OR, Stress Position and Born A Lot, and local favorites PLAN A at Harold's Place USA. Head over, 21/over, $5. Show starts at 8pm.

HIP PRIEST and TERMINAL A in Fullerton 6/8/2018

Last night in Fullerton, got the chance to catch a set by HIP PRIEST (top) and TERMINAL A (below) at a little great DIY venue hidden behind a industrial stip. Wish I could have stuck around for the rest of the night...

June 8th 2018

ALIEN RUN 2018 (post6) The Exodus

Thanks once more to the LITTLE A'LE'INN in Rachel Nevada, Brent BMG @AlienBuilt, everyone who attended, everyone who volunteered in every capacity! The Horse Magazine for the published media, Ricky Bongos, Retro Weirdoz, Douche, The BBQ guy, the Raffle donations, and everyone I'm forgetting. I've been probed one too many times perhaps... This DIY Grassroots event couldn't have happened without you. 

DONATE AND CREATE! I'll gladly keep making Brobots and Alien Invaders to sacrifice in the Bonfire as long as you keep coming and we're able to keep it free from the disease of the corporate chopper exploitation. If there's ever a day you need a wristband and have to pay $50+ to sleep in the dirt, I'll bow out. I don't eat margarine and I won't drink your Kool Aid. That's nothing I want to be part of. But of course, you already know all this... wink wink.

Cheers fuckers!!!


I've got some video of this years OCTOPUSSYTARIAN to put together, but for now you'll just have to see old fashioned still photography of this creature. Check instagram hashtag #alienrun2018 there's lots of video clips if you wanna see Pyro Pete's pyrotechnic destruction! 

The Brobots are now extinct (are they?), the Octopussytarians have failed... what could next year bring?

(when I start taking pictures like this, you know I've been tipping canoe)


Couple quick thanks to WussArmy Kit, Manny, and The Great Magoo for once again helping with this years bonfire transportation to Rachel Nevada LITTLE ALEINN and construction! Pyro Pete for the explosions!!!

ALIEN RUN 2018 (post3) The Dipping Sauces

Another great weekend spent under the strobe lights of Area 51. You can't say this about many events, but this one attracts the wandering in the world to unite with the celestial visitation centers of the galaxy!!! Or maybe we just make men wear panties for a the sake of a good time.... that's entirely possible too.

One things for sure. It's transcends your marginal expectations with hallucinogenic spectrums.

LadyHump LIVE at Harold's Place JUNE 14th

We're playing LIVE Thursday June 14th at Harold's Place USA!

21/over $5

Come out on a Thursday night and enjoy the musical stylings of PLAN A, STRESS POSITION and BORN A LOT (both on tour from Portland, Oregon) and end your night with a penis colada serenade from LADYHUMP.

ALIEN RUN 2018 (post2) Arrivals at Rachel Nevada

Alien Run 2018, June 2nd
Rachel Nevada

Welcome to ALIEN RUN 2018 ...Let the photography begin!

As I do every year, I'll be posting photography from this years ALIEN RUN 2018 all week long! We took about a thousand pictures and we'll try to showcase everything we captured and post up a selection of riders so if you rode there, you should be able to find a picture, and please take it if you want it.

The ALien RuN is a DIY event held in Rachel Nevada, Run by @AlienBuilt BRENT BMG and hosted by the generous folk at the Little A'Le'Inn and the welcoming town of Rachel Nevada. LadyHump has our fingers in the mix too... every year we build something to burn! The last two years we built giant BROBOTS in the hopes they would destroy humanity, sadly they both failed to the flame. This year we built a giant Octopussytarian and although the battle started hopeful, it too fell into the flames.... next year however, we shall see... we shall see....

The Alien Run is a FREE event to camp. Support grassroots events that aren't businesses disguised as events. You are welcome to BYO or make the choice to buy booze and food from the Little A'Le'Inn (and they do sell case beer to campers from the bar). We do both. You can camp for free or there is very limited number of hotel rooms when the next years dates are announced, available from the Little A'Le'Inn. The Raffle as always contains a ton of great custom stuff, and a selection of LadyHump space junk and we often save a couple copies of any particular years BOOKS to add to the prize table. If you won a 2017 DIY'CLINE Book this year, know it came from my collection and the book is now OUT OF PRINT! 

This event is probably our biggest fling of the year in size (there's still more events coming up), but it has more to do with the DIY contributions from fellow riders / earthlings / aliens who attend the Run every year. Everyone brings something to the table and together it makes for a most excellent happening. A sincere thank you to everyone who attended, participated, contributed, created art or raffle prizes or volunteered in any capacity at the ALien RuN to make this year another intergalactic sucksess! Follow @alienbuilt or @lady_hump on Instagram for information on upcoming events.

Live Long and Probe On!



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