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BEST OF 2016 ~ The Crick Out

April 1st and 2nd, 2016 The Crick Out hosted by the Crick Boys out in the wasteland of Johnson Valley. Another serious DIY fun fest without charging for attendance, wristbands, or any corporate bullshit profiteering marketing agendas.

BEST OF 2016 ~ Kit's Kulture Ride No.2

BEST OF 2016 posts are in no specific order, but I'll be showcasing a variety of rides and grassroots events throughout 2016 during the month of December...

Back in February Kit took us on a Kulture Ride to The Galpin Motors Museum in North Hills, CA. It's a FREE museum if you're interested in classic cars the works from Ed Big Daddy Roth, Von Dutch, and many others! Of course I can only tease the cars here because honestly, it would take a dozen of posts to show them all (and you can see those posts if you travel back into my timeline to MARCH of 2016)

Ed Roth


J. King Neptune's hosts this week's TACO MOTO TUESDAY

Couple more random pics from this weeks Taco Moto Tuesday at J. King Neptunes. Thanks everyone for continuing the come out and support good times with tasty tacos! Thanks everyone who came out to remember and celebrate Art's Birthday!

Salute to Art!

Magoo brought the trusty Oar of Friendship along tonight. Very wise move Sir! Indeed.

Hey what's that fresh (as in never ridden, never started) 1957 Panhead in the back of your Van???

Taco Moto Tuesday ~ November 29th 2016

Another most excellent Taco Moto Tuesday, once again traveling to J. King Neptune's for deliciousness and beers! This was also a celebration of Art's Birthday. Salute!

Crazy Pipes!

I actually missed the ride meet up because I was with Vinnie Vegas at the print shop working late on this years photo annual. 

Whoa... teaser time! 

Yep, this will be our 7th ANNUAL from the Lady Hump's BEST OF THE BLOG, Advertisement FREE, Sponsor FREE, True Grassroots Publication. With just a little bit of good fortune, you should see this released mid December! Cheers fuckers!!!

DIY Is Not Dead.

SKINTIGHT Debut show at the Chris Stein Cancer Benefit

You might recognize the guitar play / singer as our very own Taco Moto Tuesday's Vinnie Vegas!

Harold's Place, San Pedro CA 
November 26th 2016

SACCHARINE TRUST Benefit Show for Chris Stein

END FWY (and others of course) put together a benefit show for Chris Stein, bass player of Saccharine Trust and Carnage Asada who has cancer. Chris is currently undergoing cancer treatment and is unable to work. The punk rock community in San Pedro and surrounding cities came together at Harold's Place to help raise funds for his rent, bills, medicine, food, supplies, co-payments, etc. It was a fantastic show by Saccharine Trust who played their Paganicons EP from 1981 in it's entirety and blew everyone away!!! 

BE YOURSELF *available now at finer discount retailers nationwide

Be a NOMAD unto thy own self... 

Kitmas 2016 is coming....


We'll once again be celebrating the opening of Candy Cane Lane with a special gathering of music and booze... more info next week!

Is it available in Chrome?


(That's Sid. He won the raffle pot... 100% of the raffle money collected went to the last raffle winner!)

Last post for the Iron Garden Getaway (hosted by the Inland Empire Rides on IG)
Super fun FREE campout on BLM land near Barstow at Slash X Ranch Cafe (at least that was the nearest landmark) and the Yermo Run into town to visit local bars and mingle with the native desert folk. Lee's Tavern in Yermo was my highlight of the ride, coldest beer I've ever had and at only $1.80 a pop, the cheapest too (minus some happy hours locally) but historic in the sense that it was straight out of 1977 and had the dust to prove it. Lee's evidently is grandfathered in so they can also sell bottled liquor and you can carry it home... Huge thanks to Nick and Rich for putting this event on and allowing everyone the chance to come together as friends in the desert for FREE camping and riding. The way it used to be, the way it should be. No wristbands to buy, No vendors, No profiteers trying to get rich.

Iron Garden Getaway Camp

Desert kick stands

Brooke kills it on Karaoke. I'm gonna have to practice a lot more if I ever expect to out do her pipes.

Endless breakfast Bloody Mary's along with Pancakes and Sausages (coffee and bacon too) for Saturdays Breakfast.

Sweet jumps Rich!

Burgers for dinner at the Slash X Ranch Cafe

Trash City

Lee's Tavern



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