Kendall Lutchman

Kendall Lutchman . Most of you might not know this guy by his full name. He goes by Kendall, he is from chicago and works out of his garage, You might of seen him many times with Warren Heir from Jr's Cycle Products. Kendall has been painting since he was 13 years old. He has worked in bodyshops all over chicago area and has painted everything from Ferrari's to Peterbuilts. He now works out of his garage building bikes, hot rods, fabricating, motor work and even and painting. His work has been in magazines such as Cycle Source, Kustom Garage, Kopteri, The Horse, and soon in Street Chopper.

Content Posted by Kendall Lutchman


here is a pic after i blew up the trans i was
waiting for the truck to pick me up and
this guy rolls up and thinks i'm just enjoying the
view till i told him what i'm really doin
up at the look out point but he thought it was a time to take
a pic of me

take a look at the puddle under the bike


This is a pic of my friend ryan. I had the chance
to meet him this year in sturgis and what a great guy
he is just a down to earth guy who doesn't give a FUCK
kinda like me ...this is the trailer i hit in the mountains.
Ryan builds some really kool shit check him out at...



Well i've been kinda busy with all the stuff i had to do
before sturgis but i got it all done and made out to sturgis was my first time and man all i can say is awesome meet
alot of kool new people and old friends it was a blast
and to top it off i almost ate some pavement in the hills
"sorry ryan glad your ok and i'm very sorry to candyman "
aka titties and beer .... titties and beer was the trailer
i hit doing about 55mph coming down a 9 degree slope
my break linkage broke and i had no brakes so i held on
and enjoyed the ride some say someone was watching over me
some say it was luck well whatever or whoever it was thanks
a million cuz doo doo brown ain't ready to leave this wonderful place yet
plus i haven't owned a knuck yet ... but all in all it was definitely an experience
it was one of the best times in my life and i will be there next year so
thanks to everyone for the good times and i'll be looking forward
to see everyone soon.....

thanks fred for the pics...



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