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The East Coast Gypsy Run started in 2007. Inspired by the El Diablo Run, a bunch of like minded east coast motorcyclists meet up on the interwebs and planned a traditional run. Being in possession of some of the finest real estate in the world we thought that we should share a bit of it. The legend continues...

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Runs not Rallies

The Good The Bad and the Ugly

I would once again like to thank everybody that busted their ass to make the Gypsy Run what it is today. All of our sponsors and friends that do all the heavy lifting for you. It would not get done without them and I am honored to call them friends. Overall I think the run went great. There were no serious injuries and it seemed like everybody had a good time. The worst thing that happend was Willy got hit by a deer. He skillfully rode it out like nothing happened. Things were much worse for the deer and his saddle bag.

Here is the part that I am fucking furious about. During our stay at Sleepy Hollow Friday Night someone STOLE a cord of firewood from one of the trailers and unpluged their power. This caused their refrigerator to defrost, spoiling therir food and spilling water all over the trailer. This incident has ruined our years long relationship and made us unwelcome at Sleepy Hollow in the future. Thank you for ruining it for every one you inconsiderate fucking thieving scumbag! While we are on the subject of thieving fucking scumbags, this brings us to the second thing that I'm furious about. Friday night or early Saturday morning someone STOLE our trophy for best Roadside Repair. Whoever took this you have one chance to make this right. Send it to my shop. Don't put a return address on it because I don't want to know who you are. If you don't, you better hide it. You better hope nobody saw you steal it. You better hope nobody ever sees it. Because WHEN it gets back to me, I will find you and repossess it. Test me, I FUCKING DARE YOU! I know there are a few people out there who knows who stole my shit and who fucked up the campsite for everybody. I don't want you to rat on your friend, but I want you to realize that you're inaction, your inability to talk to your friend out of doing something stupid, has cost everyone. Fuck you. I have always operated this thing on the honor system. The system that I thought everybody was honorable and nobody would steal from us or fuck shit up for everybody because... Because I'm fucking naïve that's why. ~ Walter

The Final Countdown


People don't suck.

Just as I am about to loose all faith in the human race, I get a package from Gypsy Run sponsor and all around good guy Steve B with a note that read… "Here are a few things from my store I would like to donate for TWT Mike's recovery." Nice. Faith restored. So during the run i'll be taking bids on this package. (Valued at $225.00) Highest bid wins. You can do it in person or you can email bids to me HERE. Wining bid will be announced Sat evening when we give out the awards. ~ Walter

Summer Pocket Wallet 1 - Black & Suede series
Made from veg-tan leather and lined with a nice heavy gauge mocha suede, these are tough and good looking. Of all of the things I make, this is probably the most handy and useful. I carry mine everyday. The pocket wallet hold 6 credit cards, your license a few business cards and the money clip (removable) can take $400 in 20's

the Hulu buckle
this is a great buckle, fits a 1.5" belt, is a super kooky brown color... with a contrasting white "doubled up" thread the leather is heavy duty veg tan, the back of the buckle is natural, lined and protects your belt.
DSC_3010 - iron knee
The Iron Knee
This is a unique, one of a kind belt/key fob. You can attach wallet chains, key rings or other stuff to it, it's a nice change from the "norm". The solid brass forged "D" ring is 1.5" wide…

Pre Run Party



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