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Bleak and beautiful here at the moment. Minus five last night. So I'm getting my head down indoors... got some new colour caps in next week and am working on some new tees.

Remember, we still have some small GKM wolfie tees on sale for just $15 including shipping. HERE.


Just in time for this weekend's Black Widows raid on Santa's Grotto, my new belt arrived from Karl at KDS Designs.

Thanks mate. Perfect.

If you want something unique made in leather, metal or paint, now you know where to go.

Captain Oates

Super nice bike, super nice bloke.

This was from a shoot we did a couple of summers ago.

How are you Paul?

Follow my leader

Yep, Setzer was riding trad-style Knucks and Pans when everyone else was polishing their billet and seeing how many airbrushed skulls they could fit onto their tanks.

Lest we forget.

Last few tees... on sale, $15 shipped

We have a few 'oily rag' tees left: about six in small, a couple in xtra large... plus one medium!

On sale now for Christmas: $15 including shipping to you, anywhere. When they're gone, they're gone.


LSK 951

Where are you now?

Like an old girlfriend who treated me badly I never wanted to see you again... but sometimes I wonder.

Beautiful day today

Uncovered the Dodge and stretched its legs in the winter sunlight... to a secret location and back.

Don't wish your time away

I know, I know... but it's hard not wishing away the cold, dark winter days when your mind wanders to next year's road trips.

There is lots to look forward to in 2013 and lots more of this (above, me and Con on the way back from Germany)... riding with friends, with all you need packed in a bag, to places unknown.

My '52 gearbox is being rebuilt by Richard Millard at the moment... will soon be back on the road to catch those rare winter days when it isn't icy and wet.

Head warmers

Terry Godschalk's shovel-in-a-VL-frame is nearly done... which means it will soon be gracing the pages of GKM.

Can't wait. This bike is really something else!

And if you want a hat like Terry's to keep your brain pan from freezing now the snow's here, we still have a few GKM trucker hats left in the store, in red/white and black/white... HERE.


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