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2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 6

There was so much to see at the 2016 Minneapolis IMS that I'm glad I went both Friday and Saturday.  This BMW really caught my eye.  Stripped down BMWs aren't something you see everyday and this one is awesome.

While I know the focus of this show is new bikes, there were lots of other vintage and custom bikes to see too.

In addition to bikes, Makoto Endo was there painting live.  I first saw prints of his work at the Oil & Ink Expo (blog posts here and here).  He paints with chopsticks and the results are beautiful!

I stopped by multiple times Friday and Saturday and you can see the steady progress in the photos below.

Of course, no series of blogposts about the IMS would complete without a few of the ladies that staff the displays and deal with endless annoying requests for photos.

That wraps up the 2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show.  As a friendly reminder, it's less than one week until Mama Tried!!!

2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 5

Jordan from Union Speed and Style had two bikes in the 2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show.  His craftsmanship is top-notch and both bikes are beautiful but I'm partial to the knucklehead.

This is Jordan's panhead, the "Frost Buzzard".

Pete also had two bikes in the show.  You've likely seen many photos of these bikes on the blog.

Swamp Witch!

I'll wrap up coverage from the show tomorrow with bikes, girls, and chopsticks.  Makes sense, right?

2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 4

It's always fun to see local bikes from local builders featured at the Progressive IMS.  This is Kevin's 1980 shovelhead "Cabin Fever" and it was the first time I had seen it.  He had been busy building it over the past few months.

By Saturday, the display had a few carefully placed Coors Light pounders to add to the ambiance.

Jeremy from Relic Kustoms had his Triumph "The Minnow Bucket" on display.  It's for sale if you're interested.

Jeremy's brother Nick had his Honda "Chop Sushi" on display as well.

More local customs from Jordan and Pete will be featured tomorrow!

2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 3

I watched Jason Britton, Ian Gaines, and Jay Stuntz put on a great show Friday and Saturday at the Minneapolis IMS.  My daughter was with me on Saturday and they were great, taking photos and signing autographs - really nice guys and fun to watch work.

Here's a bunch of photos from the two shows.  Jason was on the black bike...

...Ian was on the green bike...

...and Jay was MC'ing the event while riding a hoverboard (no, he didn't fall off and no, it didn't spontaneously burst into flames).

Here are a bunch of wheelies, stoppies, and assorted moves that I don't know the names of:

The "riding while dragging both feet off to the side" move was awesome.  I'm sure it has a cooler name.

They do a routine where Jason makes his bike bunny hop, sometimes multiple times in row (which is amazing) and then Ian tries but fails (humorously) to mimic him and looking very frustrated when he fails (just for show, I'm sure).

Another routine is where Jay sit on the floor with his legs spread.  Jason rides quickly towards him but stops.  Then he heads back across the floor to do it again.  Ian then sticks a bag on Jay's head as Jason rides even faster the second time and does a stoppie just inches from Jay's crotch as Ian pulls the bag away.  Jason seems to find the whole thing hilarious.  There's no way I would do this.

Full speed...

Jay is a brave dude.  Here he is in the middle of Jason and Ian as they ride wheelies around him.

Even the dismounts were awesome.

I'll showcase some of the custom bikes from the show tomorrow. Come on back!

2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 2

I thought Indian had one of the best displays at the 2016 Progressive IMS and it wasn't just because of the pin-up models (they certainly didn't hurt).  Indian had a good mix of stock and custom bikes on display and did a nice job showcasing both the nostalgia and the modern technology of the brand.  I own three Harleys and was pretty disappointed with Harley's display.  Last year was much better because Harley had the LiveWire on display and it was rideable... sort of (blog post here).

Roland Sands purpose-built an amazing Indian Scout for flat track racing.  It was one of my favorite bikes at the show (see more photos on his site here).  When I first saw the new Scout in 2014 (blog post here), I really didn't like it.  After seeing versions like this, the Scout is definitely growing on me.  This bike is cool.  I think ditching the stock seat, fenders, and speedo helped the aesthetics a lot.

While it was technically over at the Geico display, this Roland Sands Indian Chief was also very cool.

Here are two more custom Scouts at the Indian display:

I figure I'll bookend this post with the pin-up models because...well, because I can.

Come back for more photos from the show tomorrow!

2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 1

The 2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show was this weekend (2/5-2/7) in Minneapolis.  This was my 10th consecutive year attending and it was the first year that I applied for and received a press pass.  That got me free admission all weekend.

I went on both Friday and Saturday.  As you might imagine, it was much busier on Saturday.  Here are some crowd shots from Friday:

...and here are some on Saturday:

I like the mix of things to see at this show and it's why I come back year after year.  All the major manufacturers have their latest bikes on display that you can check out and most of the bikes you can sit on to get a feel for.

Some of the fancy ones are off limits.

Some manufacturers have custom bikes on display like this Bolt with cool Frankenstein paint. Frankenstein... bolt... clever.

I really liked this Yamaha DT-07 Dirt Tracker concept.

Harley-Davidson debuted their brand new 2016 CVO Pro Street Breakout on Saturday.  It drew a big crowd.  On the plus side, it has a 110 Screamin' Eagle motor and the bike sits very low so it feels fast standing still.  On the down side... well... maybe everything else.  I'm not a fan of the style.  It has a big fat 240mm rear tire and all I can think is... seriously?!?

In addition to bikes, there was a custom helmet display...

Progressive had a cool slot car track set up...

School of Rock played live music...

...and there was even a Slingshot with lethal-looking ice tires!

Lots of custom bikes, artwork by Makoto Endo, booth girls, and stunt riding photos from the show are yet to come so keep coming back!!!

Mama Tried 2015 - Part 20

To wrap up the ice riding event at Mama Tried 2015, here are few last photos from the day.

A few other guys from the Twin Cities made it out to the marina to check things out:

It was fun to watch this kid on mini bike take to the ice.

The ice Sportster (aka the "Hardley") from Revival Cycles was awesome.  It was great to see Sportsters represented.  When I posted this photo to Instagram, Harley-Davidson re-posted it (click here) and it went on to get nearly 10,000 likes so I was super Internet-famous for a few minutes that day.

I got some of my best photos of the day when I bravely/stupidly headed into the center of the track.

Here are some photos of the Hardley.

More ice riding!!!

After sharing over 500 photos across 20 blogposts, I think you get a good sense of what Mama Tried is all about.  That is why you should absolutely be there later this month (2/19-2/21) in Milwaukee.  I didn't go the first year (2014) but 2015 was supposedly a lot larger than 2014 and 2016 will likely be even bigger than 2015.  Flat Out Friday should be a great addition to the weekend.  If you plan to check out the ice riding, dress really warm.  Jeans and motorcycle boots on the ice are dumb.  Wear proper winter boots and windproof snow/ski pants and cover up your face.  Regardless of what you choose to see and do, have fun.  I did.

Mama Tried 2015 - Part 19

If you've seen him on TV or been to Wheels Through Time, you might know Matt Walksler. I haven't been out to the museum (I'd love to one day) but I recognized Matt immediately from seeing him on the show What's in the Barn.  His 1916 Harley-Davidson cutdown motorcycle was on display the day before at the show too and it was difficult to miss.

Watching Matt on his 1916 and Lee on his 1942 was the most amazing part of the day.

While I'm not an ornithologist, the bird in the photo below is probably some sort of seagull.  However, until a real ornithologist weighs in and shows me some indisputable evidence, I'm going to assume it's a bald eagle as that would make this photo insanely more epic.

You can see everyone else was busy getting photos of these guys too.

They seemed to get along off the ice as well.

Ben (Benderwerks) was another fun guy to watch.  His bike is full of cool details but I think it's the tires that make it stand out the most.

Here he is kicking it to life...

...and subsequently tearing up the track with it.

Here he is on a different bike.

I'll wrap up this post with more photos of Lee and Matt's bikes.

One last post from Mama Tried is left.  Come back tomorrow as I wrap it up!

Mama Tried 2015 - Part 18

If you've seen any photos from ice riding at Mama Tried 2015, you probably saw a guy on a white 1942 Harley-Davidson WLA flathead with a big American flag flying off the back.  Well, that guy's name is Lee Fealy and he was difficult to miss.

He was so much fun to watch.

When he wasn't riding he was still being awesome being pulled around in a sled!

Here are some shots of his WLA.  Some of the stickers on his tank included Full Tilt and the Bearded Lady so it was nice to see the Twin Cities so well represented.

Ben (Benderwerks) was another character that was fun to watch.  More photos of him later.

The crowd steadily built and more and more people took to the ice.

A young man on a very old bike shows up next and runs side by side with Lee.  Come back tomorrow!


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