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2014 Rad's Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show - Part 3

My favorite bike at Rad's Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show was this one.  It was completely over the top and loaded with details from the meticulously painted frame to the insane intake and exhaust.  The seat reminds me of a chair my parents had back when I was a kid.

2014 Rad's Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show - Part 2

Even though it's a relatively small show, there are always a lot of cool bikes, cars, and trucks that show up.

Back to the bikes...  Here's an evo, a shovelhead, a panhead, a flathead, and even a panshovel!

I'm saving my favorite for last.  Check back tomorrow.

2014 Rad's Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show - Part 1

The 5th Annual Rad's Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show was held yesterday at the Bass Lake Cheese Factory in Somerset, WI.  It was my 4th consecutive year attending the show and I really like this one because I usually bring the family (they follow in the car).  Also, what's not to like about the combination of cheese, beer, and motorcycles?  It was a chilly morning but the sun was shining and it warmed up in the afternoon.

I rode my Sportster and was bummed that I couldn't enter it in the show as it didn't fit in ANY of the available categories.  In each of the previous 3 years, I entered and won trophies in the Sportster and Mild H-D classes (whichever was available).  My rear fender section is much-improved over last year.  Would I have taken home a 4th trophy?  We'll never know.

If there was a Sportster category, Kevin's and Ryan's could have given me a run.

Kevin's new blue tank looks great and his bike has a great lean.

The tank Spencer hand painted looks awesome on Ryan's.

Here's a shot of Kevin, Ryan, and one of the two Corys leaving.

This panhead belongs to the other Cory.  I met him on the Ride for Larry Pierce.  The Yamaha is his friend's.  They were camping in case you're curious where all the mud came from.

More bikes and a few 4-wheeled vehicles are next!

Scooter Trash 4 - September 27th

Scooter Trash 4 was just announced and will take place on September 27th at Venue 13 in Burnsville.  The event is organized by Pearson Customs.

I went last year and even though the rain sucked, there was still a good crowd and Brett's burnout all the way down to the rim was amazing.  Click here for pics.

Graffiti Series Part 22 - Shark Bait

On my way to First Thursday / Moto Mania, I stopped at the Intermedia Arts building and there were some new murals outside.  The art changes often so I can only imagine how thick the paint is on these walls.

Speckled Egg Sunday Funday 2014

This past Sunday, I partook in Speckled Egg Sunday Funday... at least for most of the day.  Scott (aka @choppinflour) organized the run and it sounds like it's the 2nd year he's done it.  The rendezvous point was Wyatt's Twisted Americana in Hastings, MN.  I thought I was at the wrong place when I was the first to arrive.  Thankfully, they served both hot and cold beverages so I didn't have a problem waiting.

Scott was next to arrive and we ended up with a small group of 10 people on 8 bikes as we headed out.  We hit a bunch of fun, curvy roads first including a few I've never been down before.  We also hit some favorites of mine too including the road between Welch and Vasa.  I didn't take any riding photos this time but @ettelmn8 posted this one on Instagram of about half the group at a stop light.  If you can stop laughing at Reinhart and look closely, that's me in my mirror bubble shield in the back-left.

Our first stop was the Harbor Bar in Red Wing, MN.  Somehow, in all the times I have been to Red Wing, I had never been there before.  Note the Triumph leaning against the fence.  Reinhart refuses to put a kickstand on that bike for some reason.

After that we crossed into Wisconsin and stopped at the Nauti Hawg in Diamond Bluff, WI...

... and the No Name Saloon in Prescott, WI.

It was in Prescott I noticed that I had been traveling with a sidekick for a while.

Then it was back to Hastings, MN for a stop at The Busted Nut (no photo) before arriving back at Scott's place (aka "The Commune").  There are chickens and cats everywhere, living in perfect harmony.  Sadly, there were no speckled eggs (false advertising).

He and his friends have a few bikes in the garage.

I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished.

While in the garage, I couldn't help but admire his sticker collection.

Nate took Charlie's Victory for a spin.  That bike accelerates quite fast.

Here's Scott's bike... and a chicken.

We ended up doing a few rounds of slow races on his lawn and then I decided to leave early as storms were rolling in from both the south and west.  There was a threat of hail and tornadoes so I reluctantly decided it was best not to stay so I could get through the cities before the storms hit.  Those who stayed were treated to a home cooked meal, improvised flat tracking, belt branding, fireworks, minor injuries, a night of camping, and probably lots of other fun stuff including Charlie's amazing feats of napping (they are seriously impressive).  Since there were only about 10 people on this run, odds are that you missed out.  Better luck next year.

September 2014 Events

We still have 2-3 months of riding weather left but the number of events is getting smaller.  Here are some highlights for the month of September.  As usual, you can see lots of blog posts and photos of these events using my Guide To Local Events page.

9/4: First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza / Moto Mania at the Uptown VFW
This Thursday!!!  This year, I've been parking at the VFW and walking back and forth between these simultaneous events.  Overall, it's the biggest local bike night by far so don't miss it.

9/5-9/6 24th Annual SCVR Chili Feed
I haven't been to Chili Feed since 2011 but I want to go back.  It's the SCVR's annual fundraiser and it's a really fun time.  Bring your tent and eat all the chili and drink all the beer you want on Saturday.  Live music, bonfire, mechanical bull, etc. etc. etc.

9/13: 5th Annual Rad's Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show
I have attended the last 3 years and managed to come away with an award each year.  Feel free to show up to enjoy some bikes, adult beverage of choice, and lots of cheese but leave your Sportster at home.  I want another award dammit.

9/20: 49th Annual Fall Flood Run
Twice a year, this event turns the border of MN and WI between Lake St. Croix Beach and Winona into a steady stream of bikes all day long on both sides of the river.  The past few Spring runs have been frigid so be sure to enjoy the relative warmth of the fall run.  This will be my 5th fall run and 11th Flood Run overall.  It's for a great cause so buy a wristband!

I know there's a ton of other rides and benefits out there.  This is just my edited list of ones I've actually attended in the past.  No matter which ones (if any) you attend, just go out and enjoy the beautiful fall riding weather while it lasts.

2014 AMA Hillclimb Grand Championships - Part 3

Lots of people rode to the 2014 AMA Hillclimb Grand Championships and there was a wide variety of bikes in the parking lot.

As I mentioned before, I rode my Sportster.

This was the first time I saw a Street 750 in the wild.  This one had a very odd windshield.

Lots of tooling on this guy's bags.

Here are two good-looking shovelheads:

Pair of flatheads:

If there was an award for "biggest sissy bar ornament", this Kawasaki would have won.

Moto Guzzi and Ducati:

Really nice Triumph:

I had fun hanging out for a little while.  Maybe next year I'll bring the family and make a day of it.

2014 AMA Hillclimb Grand Championships - Part 2

The hill climb was a lot of fun to watch.  There were a lot of different classes of bikes and the riders were a wide range of ages, both male and female.  Good times up the hill tended to be closer to 10 seconds.  Most riders were successful but a few wiped out before making it to the top.

Waiting must have felt like forever.

Then you could just watch the riders stare up the hill.

Here are bunch of action shots:

Photos really don't do the event justice.  Here's a video of a couple of runs up the hill:

Some cool bikes spotted in the parking lot are up next!


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