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First Thursday - August 2014 - Part 2

As usual, a wide variety of bikes showed up to First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza.  The turnout was good in spite of the fact it was the week of Sturgis.  The crowd spread down all the nearby streets.

At first, I thought this Honda Valkyrie had some giant NOS tanks on it made to look like rocket-ship engines.  I later realized they were actually propane tanks.  Knowing how my grill always runs out of gas at the worst possible moment when cooking dinner, I don't know how I'd feel about relying on that stuff to power my motorcycle.

Homemade console:

Looks like a big gold heatsink on this Yamaha:

Nice lineup of Ducatis:

Vintage Indian:

Crazy hill climber:

Old Triumph chop with flaking paint.

I thought this little Kawasaki was cool.  Check out the Minnesota kickstand.

Harleys are next.

First Thursday - August 2014 - Part 1

One of the new Polaris Slingshots was at First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza earlier this month.  I wouldn't mind taking one for a test ride.  It looks like a blast.

Either by coincidence (or perhaps by design), a Morgan was also there.  Quite a contrast to the Slingshot.

A wide variety of bikes is up next.

Moto Mania - August 2014 - Part 2

I rode my Sportster to Moto Mania and oddly didn't take a bunch of photos of it.  I took a lot of photos of other people's bikes but not mine.  Weird.

Here's Dustin's Sporty:

Kevin got his new tank mounted up:

Sweet Tooth Leather (the air cleaner is particularly awesome):

Another Sporty with no mufflers:

Brett's "The Gypsy":

...and the honorary Sportster of the night was Dan's Royal Enfield.  He's been modifying it a lot lately and just put a Sportster tank on it.  I like it.

Speaking of Dan, he recently pointed out that most photos on my blog don't have people in them.  It's true.  I typically go out of my way to put the focus completely on the motorcycles featured in each photograph.  I try to limit distractions in each photo and will occasionally go so far as to edit out people and things that happen get caught in the frame such as a random handlebar from a neighboring bike or a stray arm or leg of someone who was standing or walking nearby.  Besides, would you really keep coming back to my blog if it was only filled with photos like this?

It's at this point that I can imagine Dan pointing out that featuring more photos such as the one above might drastically improve my female readership.  He might be right, but I remain skeptical.

Moto Mania - August 2014 - Part 1

Earlier this month I attended First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza and Moto Mania at the VFW.  I'll start with Moto Mania...

As usual, an interesting array of local choppers and garage-built machines showed up.

Eric's shovel looked awesome: did Charlie's.

Ed's bike just towers over all the others:

Joe's panhead looked great as always:

It might come as a surprise, but the Uptown VFW has one of the finer selections of Coors and "Not Coors" beers in Minneapolis.

Sportsters are up next!

Biltwell Made My Monday

Sunday night, I posted this photo on Instagram and tagged Biltwell in it because I was wearing their helmet and bubble shield (if you look closely, their handlebars are gloves are in the bubble shield reflection too).  It's not the first time I have tagged them in a photo, but nothing has ever happened.

Well, Monday morning Biltwell re-posted my photo on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and my Instagram feed proceeded to blow up with new likes, comments, and new followers, which was awesome.  It was simply incredible to watch the "Like" count rise on their pages to over 2,500 combined.  It certainly helps that Biltwell has about 45,000 followers on Instagram.

I have been a fan of Biltwell and their products for years.  I have had their Clubman bars on my Sportster since 2010 and have been wearing their Moto Gloves nearly as long (I actually have a backup pair new in the package, just in case).  I put their Sanderson pegs on my bike in 2012, bought their goggles in 2013 (which performed great in Arizona), and I picked up a Gringo helmet and a pair of bubble shields earlier this year that I have been thoroughly enjoying.

Now I'm just waiting patiently for my Super Selfie Award to arrive in the mail.

Tunnel Vision

Yes, more GoPro footage.  I'm like a little kid with a new toy.  This video was taken yesterday as I headed out to Bay City, WI to watch some of the AMA Hillclimb Grand Nationals.  These are two tunnels on I-94 in Minneapolis.  The first is the Lowry Hill Tunnel but I don't know the other's name.

Like the t-shirt?  Buy one.

Two More Videos

I'm having fun trying out my new GoPro camera and messing around with the editing software.

I have a lot of to learn but here are two short videos I made while riding to and from the Chariots of the Gods show yesterday.

Gopher and Cheese + GoPro = YouTube

After the Ride for Larry Pierce last weekend, I concluded that riding one-handed and trying to take photos with my old Canon Elph just wasn't cutting it.  I've been thinking about buying a GoPro camera for a while and finally decided to get one along with a few accessories.  The thing is incredibly small and light.

I took my first ride with the GoPro last night around sunset.  Half the time I had it strapped to my chest and half the time it was mounted to my bars facing me.  I'm really impressed with the camera.  The free app and free editing software they offer are quite good too.  However, my computer is showing its age as editing (even viewing) 1080p, 60fps video is quite challenging for it.  Regardless, I dealt with it and made it work.

I started a Gophers and Cheese YouTube channel where I'll be posting videos and I posted 2 already:

While my aging computer might struggle to play the video full screen and in high quality, I watched the YouTube clips on my television via my Apple TV and the video looked fantastic - smooth playback in high-definition.

Here are some sunset photos (from my iPhone, not the GoPro):

Ride For Larry Pierce (Twin Cities, MN) - Part 4

The Ride for Larry Pierce ended at Jordan's brother Jesse's farm.  Group photos were taken with a flag to honor Larry.

Here are two group photos posted to Instagram (@warizard and @wolvesnwhiskey).  I'm sure there are more floating around.

The property was really cool.  Apparently, they're in the process of fixing it up and they rent it out for weddings.

There was a clearing near the water where people could camp and there were a few rounds of slow races.

The place was a nice backdrop for photos and I wish I had my good camera with me.  The iPhone camera is good but not great.

Here's Jordan's panhead "Frost Buzzard".  He had a lot of trouble starting it and it usually had to be bump started which probably wasn't fun for Jordan, but it was entertaining to watch since he was quite good at it.

Since I can't pack much gear on my Sportster (the downside of no back seat and no sissy bar), I opted not to camp and headed home just as it was getting dark.  I had a lot of fun.  Big thanks to Jordan, Jesse, and Larry for a great day.

Ride For Larry Pierce (Twin Cities, MN) - Part 3

The route for the Ride for Larry Pierce was not shared beforehand.  I knew it would involve a lot of backroads around Monitcello, MN, which I was excited about because I have never ridden in that area before.  After we left Jordan's shop in Monticello, we headed to Hayes Public House where I had a delicious Coffee Porter in a fancy glass.

From there, we stopped at Hollywood Roadhouse for lunch.  I had something called the German Cuban, which consisted of pulled pork, bacon, sauerkraut, cheese, mustard, and pickles on grilled sourdough.  It was really good.

Kickstands are for sissies and add unnecessary weight:

The next stop was a place called Olde Town Creamery, so I assumed we were stopping for ice cream.  It turns out that it's an amazing antique store with all sorts of cool stuff inside.

This thing looked super-fun:

Once again, Reinhart's Triumph looked great just leaning against the wall.

Charlie took a nap outside and is one of the most sound sleepers I have ever seen. He didn't flinch as all these rocks were placed on him and only woke up when kicked awake.

After one last gas stop for those with small tanks, we headed to Jesse's farm.

Here is an approximate map of the route.  Google is showing the fastest way between each stop but I have no idea which roads we were actually on.

Photos from Jesse's farm are next!


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