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The Moto Collective Open House 2015 - Part 4

This Honda at The Moto Collective open house was simply amazing.  I loved it.

I'm not trading in one of my Sportsters for a Honda anytime soon but if you can't appreciate a bike like this, there's something seriously wrong with you.  They're building some pretty sweet bikes in NE Mpls.  Go check them out!

The Moto Collective Open House 2015 - Part 3

As promised, here are 2 of my 3 favorite bikes at The Moto Collective open house on Saturday.  First up is "Fat Yama".

Then there's the beautiful purple and white Honda that I recently saw at the Rockers Spring Social.  It was nice to see all the little details with it up on the lift.  I really love those black and white forks.

My favorite of the night is up next!

The Moto Collective Open House 2015 - Part 2

Here's a birds-eye view of the shop at The Moto Collective open house.

While very clean and organized, there's lots of interesting decor around the shop too.

That little Harley was pretty cool.

I don't know whether these were active projects, on deck, or being harvested for parts.

Here's a sampling of the bikes being worked on:

This one has a long way to go.

This one looked done to me.

I saved 3 of my favorite bikes for last.  2 are up next.  I'll make you wait an extra day for the last one.

The Moto Collective Open House 2015 - Part 1

The Moto Collective hosted their open house yesterday in Northeast Minneapolis.  I stopped by in the evening.

There was a good turnout while I was there and it had been going on for a while.  If you've been to the Chariots of the Gods custom van show, it was basically in the same place.

I rode my '04 as my '03 is in pieces right now getting ready for Moto Mania in August.  I happened to park next to Andy from Hold Fast Motors and we got to catch up on projects and trips.  I really want to go to Utah now.

The Moto Collective is basically a shared workspace for a bunch of guys to work on their bikes.  They have some dedicated rental space available to anyone looking to work on their own project.  I also learned that Cafe Racers of Instagram (#CROIG) is based here and is part of the group.  They have a HUGE following and I never realized they were local.

Before getting into all the bikes inside the shop, here are a few I spotted outside.  I like stripped down sport bikes.

I didn't get a photo of the whole bike, but this Sportster had the best VIN number ever (4CAM...).

Tough-looking Ducati (would fit in well at Moto Mania):

This Triumph would also be right at home at Moto Mania with those flat track tires.

John's ironhead was all chopper, zero cafe-racer... except maybe the goggles.

Photos from inside the shop are up next!

AMCA Vintage Motorcycle Show 2015 - Part 3

There was a huge outdoor swap meet at the AMCA Vintage Motorcycle Show.  There were lots of great options if you were shopping for a bike for Moto Mania.  Pete was there selling stuff and his knuckle looked amazing as usual.

Pete also bought a new toy, a Harley Davidson golf cart:

I liked this hardtail shovelhead:

This guy had panheads everywhere, even one that looked barn fresh:

Cool cars were around too:

You know I love Sportsters and the swap area did not disappoint:

There was even a 1957 Sportster!

Overall, the show was really good.  These photos barely scratch the surface.  Like I said, I was chasing my kids more than taking photos but we all had a good time.

AMCA Vintage Motorcycle Show 2015 - Part 2

The parking lot at the 2015 Vintage Motorcycle Show had a bunch of interesting bikes that were ridden in.  Here's a wet panhead.

Cafe Suzuki:

Triumph Trophy 250:

I've only met Todd once but I see his Yamaha everywhere:

This bike likely has some stories to tell.  Based on the label on the windshield, I assume it hit a deer.  The last time I saw it (click here for post), it had a giant Spongebob Squarepants on it and didn't have the cat litter saddlebags.

Scooter army:

Swap meet photos are next!

AMCA Vintage Motorcycle Show 2015 - Part 1

I went to the Viking Chapter of the AMCA's Vintage Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet at the State Fairgrounds in St. Paul on Saturday.  As usual, it was combined with the VJMC's show too.  In spite of the forecast that said 0% chance of rain, it was cloudy and wet.  Thankfully most of the show was inside.  I love the way they arrange the bikes.

I drove my van because I brought my kids, which also explains the relatively low number of photos I took.  I took a lot but I would have taken a lot more if I wasn't chasing after them constantly.  Here are some of the few indoor shots I took.

This is a cool shovelhead:

Mötley Crüe reference?

Some very nice Triumphs:

Custom 3-wheeler (not a Morgan):

This Yamaha tribute to the Flying Merkel is so cool and I hadn't seen it in a while.


Even smaller Harleys:

Some very old and very cool Harleys:

This Indian designed for Flat Track is just oozing inspiration for my Moto Mania build.

Parking lot photos are next!

Rockers Spring Social 2015 - Part 3

A few Harleys crashed the cafe racer party at the Rockers Spring Social including this knucklehead.


Jeremy's bike:

I was really excited to see Andy's freshly hardtailed Sportster.

He even let me take it for a spin and while I was off riding it, Rachel snapped these two photos with my camera and didn't tell me as a surprise for when I downloaded them.  The bike is really fast and really fun to ride but no front brake, no gauges, and no mirrors takes a little getting used to.  The hardtail rode a lot nicer than expected but it's not like I put any real miles on it.  These two are adorable (photo credit Rachel Mac):

While looking around, I was collecting inspiration for my XL883R to get it ready for the Moto Mania dirt track event on August 1st.  Before I decided to keep the flame tins that came with it, I was planning to go with an XR750-ish tail section like this.  I may still go that route one day.

More inspiration:

Alright, time for awards.

I didn't keep track of who won what and for what reason, but I know Billy was the MC and Donna handed out the trophies.

I don know that this guy won best in show.  What I don't know is which he liked better, the trophy...

...or the kiss.

The Rockers Spring Social was a really good time.  If you missed out, better luck next year.

Rockers Spring Social 2015 - Part 2

Here are some close-ups of a few of the motorcycles at the 2015 Rockers Spring Social.  This Honda was awesome... was this Honda.

Todd's Yamaha:

Hula girl on a different Yamaha:

Norton Commando 750:

Moped Army:

I'm not sure what this is but I like it.  It says "Fitzke" on the tank.  Maybe that's the owner or builder's name?

A couple of BSAs:

Vacuum cleaner rat bike (go ahead and get your "Honda sucks" jokes out of your system):

Harleys, street tracker inspiration, guest photography, and awards are next.

Rockers Spring Social 2015 - Part 1

The Rockers Spring Social was held on May 30th at Club Jager in downtown Minneapolis.  It was the 3rd year of the event held by Ton-Up Minneapolis and I've attended all 3 years.  This year had the best weather and best turnout yet.  If you love cafe racers this is the show to attend.

I rode my 2004 (I can't just say "Sportster" anymore).  I think some people wanted to see the flame bike.  Oh well.

The parking lot for the actual show was packed.

Bikes were lined up along the streets too.

Photos of individual bikes are up next.


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