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Mama Tried 2015 - Part 5 - Trouble

Trouble was the headlining band at the Mama Tried pre-party at the Harley-Davidson Museum.  I'll be honest, I was really excited to see Mount Salem but I had no idea who Trouble was.  Well, shame on me.  It's embarrassing really.  If you don't know Trouble, learn a little bit about the band's history here, and then go start buying their albums (I just started with their self-titled album and will probably pick up Psalm 9 next).  They are one of the earliest doom metal bands dating all the way back to 1979.  They rocked and it was a great way to get an education.

Check out bassist Bobby Good Times in a Heavy t-shirt.

Here's a bunch of photos from their set:

I took some video when they decided to pay tribute to Black Sabbath and cover their song "Supernaut".  Some guy decided to stage dive into the crowd and took out an innocent bystander very close to me. I'm not sure if that was the plan or if he thought the crowd would catch him. The crowd wasn't packed very tightly and just let him fall.  Amazingly, he managed to hold onto his beer and seemed unhurt.  I'm not sure the same can be said for the person that he destroyed.

After the official pre-party was over, the party continued for many of us at the Rah Mah Dah where Ruth was slinging Coors Light and overpriced mixed drinks from behind the bar.

Lots of photos from the bike show will be posted next but they're taking a while to edit since I took so many.  Hold tight.

Mama Tried 2015 - Part 4 - Pre-Party

The Mama Tried pre-party was mostly about the music but there were a few bikes on display too such as this Sposrtster.

The red, white, and blue back-lighting made for some very cool photos but, for better or worse, it makes seeing any detail on the bikes nearly impossible.

The venue was cool.  It's called "The Garage".  I think the museum uses it for all sorts of events, not just concerts.

There were a lot of people there and I ran into a bunch of people I knew.  It was also fun to see two photographers that I admire, Josh Kurpius and Mikey Arnold (aka Mikey Revolt), busy taking photos.

Photos of Trouble are up next!

Mama Tried 2015 - Part 3 - Mount Salem

I am very glad that I bought my ticket for the Mama Tried pre-party in advance as they sold out a few days before.  The ticket also included admission to the museum so, for $10, it was a bargain.  The pre-party featured live music from Mount Salem and Trouble.  Mount Salem was up first.

Hopefully obvious by the photos, I was standing next to the stage nearly the whole time.  This is a shot looking back at the crowd:


More Mount Salem pics:

Mount Salem rocked.  Bikes at the pre-party are up next, followed by Trouble.

Mama Tried 2015 - Part 2 - Harley-Davidson Museum

Darkness was descending upon the Harley-Davidson Museum Friday night and the sky had an eerie glow.  The start of the Mama Tried pre-party was drawing near.

I was hungry and got an awesome burger and beer.  You can't go wrong when there's bacon stuffed inside of and layered on top of your burger.  Also, when in Wisconsin... Spotted Cow.

After eating, I went back into the museum.  Like I said before, I visited last March.  It was nice to not feel rushed or feel like I had to see everything.  I just got to walk around and enjoy bits and pieces.

Here is just a small sampling of bikes including Scott Jones (Noise Cycles) Born Free 2014 build:

Randy Smith's "The Magnum":

A 1958 XLCH Sportster:

...and a 1977 XLCR-1000:

If you haven't been, the museum is set up beautifully and the exhibits are things you could get lost in for hours, if not days.  I highly recommend a visit.

Photos from the Mama Tried pre-party are next!

Mama Tried 2015 - Part 1 - (P)ART

In case you've been living under a rock, the 2nd Annual Mama Tried Show was this past weekend in Milwaukee, WI.  I didn't go last year but was so glad I didn't miss out this year.  It was incredible and I had a lot of fun.  After an icy and snowy drive to get out of Minnesota, the weather and roads improved greatly in Wisconsin.  After a stop in the Dells for Dunkin Donuts and a stop in Madison for pizza and vintage arcade games (seriously, I cannot recommend this place enough), I made it to Milwaukee and headed to the Harley-Davidson Museum.

With about 2 hours until the pre-party show, I took some time to walk through the museum and get some dinner.  I visited the museum for the first time last March and it was sensory overload.  I took a ton of photos and have only managed to post photos of one bike so far (click here).  Last time I was there, Josh Kurpius' "Living Lost" exhibit was on display, which was excellent.  I even ran into Josh and Willie G. Davidson!  This time, an exhibit called (P)ART (curated with help from DicE Magazine) was featured and I was very excited to see it so I headed there first.

Quote from the Harley-Davidson Museum website:
"(P)ART showcases 29 carefully staged and artistic photographs dating as early as 1912 that highlight the style of legendary Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts. Used in advertisements, catalogs, manuals, and in other company publications, these parts are sculptural forms that illustrate Harley-Davidson’s early commitment to the form and function of a motorcycle."

The really cool thing about this exhibit is how none of the artwork was ever intended to hang in a gallery-like setting, yet it works perfectly well.

Taking a stroll down the hall was like stepping back in time.

Here are a few close-ups.

Some photos from the rest of the museum (before the pre-party) are up next!

Mama Tried and Mama Delivered

I spent the weekend in Milwaukee at the Mama Tried Show and it was an absolute blast!  Great bikes, great bands, and great people made the weekend something really special.  Here are a few souvenirs:

I saw the (P)ART exhibit at the museum and attended the pre-party on Friday, spent about 6 hours at the show on Saturday, went to one of the after-parties Saturday night, and then spent over 3 hours on a frozen lake watching ice riding on Sunday.  I took (no joke) over 2,000 photos in 3 days.  Due to the subject matter (concerts in low light, bike show with tons of people, and ice riding at high speed), many of the 2,000+ photos are crap.  However, I've taken a quick first pass through them and there are a bunch of gems in there that I can't wait to share.  I've been busy posting some on my Instagram page but that's just scratching the surface.

Keep checking back as the Mama Tried photos will be coming soon!

2015 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 6

I'll wrap up my coverage of the 2015 Progressive International Motorcycle Show with some of my favorite local bikes.  First up is Chad's panhead.

Mike's Norton:

Pete's (award-winning) knuckle:

...and finally, here's Pete's panhead:

I missed the stunting show this year which is too bad since Jason Britton was performing.  In spite of that (and the 8 bucks the venue charges for a beer), I had a good time at the show.  I suppose #HDSALAB season has officially begun.  If you missed your opportunity to practice your stance at this show, you're going to wish you had when you're in the big leagues this coming weekend at Mama Tried in Milwaukee.  You are going, right?

2015 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 5

Here are few custom Harley-Davidsons that I saw at the 2015 Progressive International Motorcycle Show.  First up are Sportsters!

I really liked this one from J&P Cycles.

1975 XLH ironhead:

1975 XR750:

This pair of knuckleheads named Lewie and Pearl was customized by Blackout Motors from South Dakota.  I prefer to see vintage knucklehead engines in vintage frames but these are modern S&S KN93 engines so there's no need for concern if you're a purist.

My personal favorites are up next.

2015 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 4

Indian Motorcycles had a large display at the 2015 Progressive International Motorcycle Show.  Alongside their current line, they had a few vintage Indians (which I personally prefer aesthetically over the new stuff) and some interesting customs.  First up is the Wall of Death inspired Scout.

In spite of all its apparent superiority on paper versus a Sportster, I would still choose a Sportster over a Scout every time.  I shared more detail in this post, which is from when I first saw the new Scout in person.

Not only was the bike inspired by the Wall of Death, it was actually used in the Wall of Death during the Scout unveiling in Sturgis last year (skip ahead in the video to 5m 20s to see it).

They had a cutaway version of the Scout's new engine on display.

Roland Sands' custom Indian Track Chief was on display too.  I wish they had it displayed differently so both sides were visible.  I've seen photos of the other side of the bike and the Thunder Stroke engine just looks way more impressive from the other side.

As usual, Indian also had a pin-up model posing for photos.  They play up the nostalgia and it works well for their brand.

Harleys are up next.

2015 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 3

Ducati had a nice lineup of bikes at the 2015 Progressive International Motorcycle Show including their new line of Scramblers.

The Ducati that I remain most interested in to this day is the Diavel.  I've been meaning to test drive one and I'm bummed the downtown dealership closed so I might not get a chance any time soon.

In addition to all the stock Ducatis, there was this very cool customized Ducati Cagiva Alazzurra 350T.

Indian Motorcycles are up next.


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