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May 2016 Events

What!?!?  It's May already?  Here are few things not to miss... First up is First Thursday / Moto Mania bike night at Dulono's Pizza and the Uptown VFW on May 5th (view my past blogposts: First Thursday & Moto Mania).  Yes the dirt track event in June is also called Moto Mania.  Blame Dan.  He's confusing.

This Saturday (May 7th) is Dirty Rotten Bikerfest.  Last year was really fun (blogposts here).

Later this month on the 21st is the Rockers Spring Social.  It's great if you love (or can at least appreciate) cafe racers (lots of blogposts here).

See ya out there!

Mama Tried Feature on Chop Cult

My 3rd feature with Chop Cult was posted yesterday.  It features Flat Out Friday, Mama Tried, and ice riding.  Go check it out here:
Mama Tried Motorcycle Show 2016

Here are my previous two Chop Cult features:
Moto Mania

Gophers and Cheese

First Ride After Belt To Chain Conversion

After meeting the guys from Track-er Die at Mama Tried, I special-ordered a belt-to-chain conversion kit for my 883R.  It was far more difficult to install than I expected but that had to do with me and my Sportster, not their kit.  Here are a few photos from my first ride with it last week.

Konawerks Bike Show 2014 - Part 2

More photos from the 2014 Konawerks Bike Show!

There was live music outside:

There was pinball inside:

There were even bacon flights next door (yes, bacon flights).  I paired mine with a locally brewed porter.

Back to the bikes!

Mine again:



Vacuum cleaner bike [insert your own "it sucks" joke here]:

More bikes!

...and one more of Charlie's:

This year's show is the 6th Annual and will take place on September 17, 2016 but there's a whole lot of spring and summer between now and then so don't get too excited quite yet.

Konawerks Bike Show 2014 - Part 1

Continuing on my quest to clear out my backlog of photos, here are some from the 4th Annual Konawerks Bikes Show that took place at Grumpy's Bar & Grill on September 6, 2014.  I rode my XL1200C and stopped by the Stone Arch Bridge to take a few photos on the way to the show.

The show was busy:

The Palace was well represented:

My bike was parked next to Eric's shovel:

Todd's Yamaha:

I hadn't seen this bike in a while (blogpost here) with the spring seat and giant exhaust.  Some bikes you just don't forget.  By the way, this is what a Screamin' Eagle exhaust should look like... the beak of a giant screaming eagle:

Nice shovel:

Subtle black lace:

Jason's Dyna:

More bikes!

And here's Charlie's shovelhead one more time for good measure:

More pics tomorrow!

Chariots of the Gods 2015 - Part 4

Chariots of the Gods 2015 had some pretty awesome vans.  I love that people open their doors and let you look inside.  It's like looking inside someone's house and seeing their living room, den, or sometimes bedroom.

I think seeing this Tamiya Lunchbox re-sparked my interest in radio controlled cars.  That, and because I ended up selling my full-size van, I figured there's always room for an R/C van.  I built my very own Lunchbox over the winter and just need to finish the body.

As if the wall-to-wall shag carpet above wasn't enough, check out the incredible interior on this one.

Here's a more classic shaggin' wagon:

This van's interior was cool and there was a cover between the front seats where you could access the motor and even see the ground which would be pretty surreal while driving.

I'll wrap up with some pop-up camper vans that would look perfect in a national park.


This year's show is August 13, 2016 starting at noon and you can camp overnight.

Chariots of the Gods 2015 - Part 3

Here are more custom vans from the 2015 Chariots of the Gods show.  Airbrushed murals are key.  "Ramblin' Fever":

Airbrushed cityscape plus porthole window:

Road Toad!  I love the stained glass windows.  Vanity license plates featuring the name of your van are a key accessory.

Case in point, Watermelon Pete was there selling parts (of course).  His van is cool but his plates are fantastic.  I love the handpainted dollar sign on the back and lightning bolt on the front.

This van belongs to CeeTee, another motorcycle guy who happens to be into vans.  It might not have an airbrushed mural on the side but it was hauling motorcycles and that's cool.

Another van with a bike in it was this rusty VW:

Nice old Dodge:

There were some vintage Winnebagos lined up along the fence.

People were just making themselves at home.

Coverage wraps up tomorrow and I saved some of the best for last.

Chariots of the Gods 2015 - Part 2

The Chariots of the Gods show is organized by Vinyl-Lux sewing.  Here's their van:

Vinyl and 8-tracks were everywhere.

Until I attended the show in 2013, I didn't realize there was a custom van scene in the Twin Cities.  Twin City Vans is the local club and they're hosting their 41st Annual Good Times Truck-In 6/10-6/12 down in Preston, MN (southeast of Rochester).

You can tell some people have been going to vanning events for a long time.

Here's a sampling of vans at the show:

The old "Don't Laugh Your Daughter May Be In Here" sticker is classic:

More photos tomorrow!

Chariots of the Gods 2015 - Part 1

For the third year in a row, I attended the Chariots of the Gods Custom Van and Vintage Camper Show in Minneapolis and unlike the prior year, I actually brought my camera.

Peering through the windshield of one of the vans on display, you wonder what decade it is and that's exactly why this show is awesome.

A small group of motorcycles was in the middle including mine (I rode my 883R).

The little plot of land where the show takes place is right next to the Moto Collective.  Here's the landlord sporting a Moto Collective hat.

A handful of cars were also at the show including this Corvair...

...this VW bug...

...and this insanely clean custom.

I'm getting the bikes and cars out of the way early so the next 3 posts can focus on vans.  This dog's excited.  You should be too.

More vans tomorrow!!!


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