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New date for the Southern Fried Cycle Show

We really really hate to do this but its the safe bet considering how many people are riding in from long distances. hurricanes are nothing to fuck around with.
See you all in two weeks and please share this post.

Follow them on Instagram for more information

2nd week of ChopCult Giveaways via Instagram

We are humbled by the overwhelming response from the ChopCult advertisers for our Instagram giveaway promotion. This week's kind donations come from the following companies:
Best of luck!

Win a New Set Of Tires from Metzeler


I'm thrilled to announce this sweet giveaway from our friends at 
Metzeler. They would like to offer a ChopCult member a free set of tires for your personal ride. This is an awesome opportunity for those who are in a dire need of tires and can't swing the cost. What's the pitch?

1.) Just comment yes please in this thread

2.) The winner must share a photo on this thread of Metzeler's kind donation installed and give a honest review of their product after shredding 500 miles. Don't worry if your riding season is about to end. Just be accountable and follow through with your review when you get to enjoy the ride again.

****Please note- Racing slicks / NHS products are excluded from this promotion.

I'll announce the winner on October 31, 2015. Best of Luck!

I'd like to thank Metzler for their kind donation and support for the ChopCult community! 

Be sure to give Meterzler Moto USA a follow on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram and check out their website for more information.


The Mother Load Of Giveaways!

To celebrate our Instagram account surpassing 100,000 we're giving away a plethora of free goodies. This round of giveaways wouldn't be possible without the support from the following companies:
If you're not following them already you should be now. Please help us support the brands that support ChopCult!
Big thanks to our son Wayne / @toxicbreed for creating the massive amount of flyers. Good Job Son!

Welcome Metzeler to the ChopCult Family!

We would like to welcome Metzeler to the ChopCult family. Metzeler has been producing tires for the two-wheeled vehicles since 1892, and it's history goes hand and hand with the history of motorcycles. Kindly give @metzelermotousa a follow for supporting and our community. We have great things in store for the followers and members through our #chopcultgiveaways program. Get ready to #enjoytheride with #metzeler!

Support your local events!

Click the flyer for more details

Find us in spot 801

September 26th 2015 at The Boardr in Tampa. Vendor spots avalible email

ChopCult Photo Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos and took the time to cast your vote.
We would like to congratulate the following ChopCult members:

First Place: $125 Bison Motorsports Gift Certificate

Second Place: $75 Bison Motorsports Gift Certificate

Third Place: $50 Bison Motorsports Gift Certificate

We would like to thank the fine folks at Bison Motorsports for their kind donation and ongoing support for
Stay tuned, there's another giveaway heading your way!
ChopCult Members Rule!

Enter the Sweatshop Industries / ChopCult Giveaway

1. Set of sissy bar straps
2. Trucker hat
3. Scarf
4. "I-need" IPhone Cover-Wallet
5. Gloves
6. Mini TJ tool roll
7. Glory hole gas tank cover
8. The Rambo sissy bar bag.
9. Save your ass sissy bar day bag * * Gas cap not included *
Total value of $325.

Wanna win? Kindly comment Yes Please in this thread and you'll be entered. We'll announce the lucky 33 member on October 1, 2015. Sweatshop Industries has offered an additional ChopCult giveaway though our Instagram account. We'll announce the Instagram winner on September 17, 2015, in the afternoon. PST. Best of luck to you!
Thank you Sweatshop Industries!!!!



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