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Rippin' Rooster at NORRA 1000

Time for an update on the NORRA 1000 race last month. This tireless crew of the Rippin' Rooster successfully piloted their 60-year old desert hot rod from one end of the Baja peninsula to the other over some of the gnarliest terrain you can imagine. We were so stoked to see our helmets, gloves, goggles and even gasolina bottles put to good, filthy use. 

My plan was to meet up with them for the second day and co-drive a section with Jim. Me and a couple buddies were also pitting for an old friend who was racing a Baja bug. As usual, the desert had it's own agenda and it included us changing a front spindle on the beach in the middle of the first night. This put me a day behind the Rooster crew, so I missed my slot on day two. Sad face. More importantly, at the end of the fourth day Jim made the podium with a hard-fought third place finish. Well done, Rippers!

Huge thanks to the Jim, Eric, Duran and the rest of the Rooster family for letting us be involved. You can follow this intrepid team on Instagram @rippinrooster

Anyone who's racing a vintage bike next year and would like some support, hit us up, we'd be glad to pitch in. Hit up


Mile Muncher Update 3-30-16

Well, the dry hump is done. This project is getting blown apart tomorrow and next time we show an update it'll be a wrap. The seat is at Duane Ballard's palace of pleats, Matt Ross gets the tins tomorrow and me and Rouser will finish up a few little fab details on the frame while Christian takes a load of parts to Tijuana for chrome. We've got a bunch of riding to do in April, so the timing is perfect to get some of this stuff into other people's hands.

This has been a pretty seamless project and definitely lots of fun. Using quality parts makes a big difference, and having a relaxed time line to work with kept it from feeling stressful. Having smart, talented friends to pitch in when needed has of course been a huge help.

When we show the finished machine, we'll also publish a full parts list. Huge thanks to Lowbrow Customs and Drag Specialties for pitching in so many neat bits to go along with the incredible S&S Cycle SH93 engine. I can't wait to ride this beast to Sturgis and then on to the 10th annual Gypsy Run.


Fuel Cleveland Pre-Party 2016

The Fuel Cleveland show is a great time put on by our buds at Lowbrow Customs. This year is gonna be wild since it's held inside Ray's MTB park. We're pitching in by throwing a pre-party the night before at Hooples Bar at the corner of Columbus and Franklin.

Matt "The Beard" Bischoff's band: Moonbow will be destroying your ears with maximum rock and roll. This is guaranteed to be a good time and the bar has plenty of bike parking, great food, and cold beer.

Party start at 7:00. We'll see you there! Click here for map.

Here's a little video we did from last year.


Never heard of Robison Cycles? Let me give you a tour… Robinson Cycles has been a fixture on the Daytona Beach bike world for six decades. Originally founded as a Harley-Davidson dealership in 1962, today the family business is owned and operated by Mr. Robison's son Jecoa and his grandson Jeremy. Father and son have done an outstanding job preserving the essence of their patriarch's vision, which is now and always has been focused on high performance. Every hop-up shop says that, right? Well how many can say this: for much of the '60s and '70s Robison Cycles was the Motor Company's winter race shop, building AMA Grand National dirt trackers and championship-winning drag bikes for some of the fastest men to ever pull on a set of orange, black and white leathers. Every nook and cranny of the cluttered old dealership is chock full of race memorabilia: one-off engine cases and fiberglass fairings, trophies, photos, track banners, riding gear, you name it. Look closely and you'll find a photo of Evel Knievel posing with Jecoa's mother, herself a trophy queen in winner's circles at Florida race tracks from coast to coast BITD. Robison Cycles is a crown jewel in the hot rod Harley scene, and should not be missed. And now, thanks to some help from our friends at S&S Cycles, Hot Bike, Street Chopper and, you don't have to.

On Friday, March 11, 2016, The Biltwell Bash at Robison Cycles will kick off the second and final weekend of activities at Daytona Bike Week. In a sea of bedazzled baggers, the Biltwell Bash will stick out like a boner in sweatpants.

The fun starts 9:00 am with a swap meet in Robison's parking lot. Jecoa and his old man have squirreled away 50 years of crusty goodness, and much of it will be on sale. If old gold ain't your thing, there will be free donuts and coffee.

At noon the folks from Aunt Catfish's restaurant will be serving up fried catfish, grits and hush puppies. Come early—the first 200 guests eat free! Everyone after that can stuff their faces for 7 bucks a plate. Of course free keg beer will be flowing during lunch and beyond.

Immediately following lunch there will be a bike show with cool handmade trophies and prizes. Three classes of bike will be on display, and entry is free. Bring your FXR's, your Street Trackers—any brand—and your choppers for 2:00 pm registration and stick around to see the winners unveiled at 4:00. Legendary motormouth Dumptruck will be the master of ceremonies, so it will be a good time.

Finally, when the sun sets on Robinson Cycles we'll be screening old biker flicks on the warehouse wall. The Biltwell Bash at Robison Cycles is all free, all day, so grab your chaps and 'do rag and let's party in the Sunshine State!

Thanks to S&S Cycle, ChopCult, Hot Bike and Street Chopper for pitching in on this gig!

Here's a map.

Mile Muncher Update 12-11-13

Well, we've been chipping away on the #milemuncher project. Our friend Dalton Walker crafted up some sweet 10-spoke invader-ish mags, we've got the fork stops sorted, the oil bag hung on custom mounts and a bunch of junk shaved off the frame. Forks are getting rebuilt with longer tubes today and we should have a roller here real quick. Stay tuned!

Biltwell Annual Parking Lot Sale 2016

Our annual Parking Lot Sale will be coming up before you know it. We always have a good time and offload a year's worth of scratch-and-dent, samples and personal junk at discounted prices. We'll have around a dozen vendors selling various and sundry motorcycle accoutrements, etc. Hope to see you there

As Otto likes to say, here are the pertinent particulars:
Saturday, January 2nd 2016
9:00AM - 2:00PM
42349 Winchester Road, Temecula, CA 92590


Thanks to everyone who came out to our first Kernville Kampout.

This was a super basic event: free beer and camping, everything else is up to the riders. Awesome roads, some bad old movies at night, a bonfire and bars and restaurants within walking distance. Pretty much all you need, right?

You can count on this event staying simple but growing in size. We've already reserved the entire campground for 2016 so save the dates: October 14-16.

Anthem Films put together a great video edit of the event. Thanks, dudes!

Thanks to Shandra Wilson for the pics.

See ya'll next year!

Operation #MileMuncher

I traded a bike for this S&S pan in a Paughco frame a few years back, and this machine has been a total beast. It's now got shovelheads on it and we've played Mr. Potato Head with various fenders, tanks, forks, pipes, etc several times. I've ridden it to the bottom of Baja and back, through the Tail of the Dragon and all over NYC, not mention one end of CA to the other. A couple weeks ago, Otto hammered it from Iowa to Salt Lake City via 13,000' Bear Tooth Pass and countless miles in the rain. Needless to say, we are fans of this simple format. (Big S&S engine, basic frame, not much else)

The GI Chopper

So, when our buds at
S&S asked if we wanted to build a bike around one of their engines, it only took a millisecond to answer back with a resounding "Hells Yes!" We mulled around different options, maybe an Evo since they never get any love, maybe a knucklehead? All good choices, but at the end of the day around here, we tend to lean towards the venerable old shovel engines. Now obviously this isn't your typical OEM 74" shov. Nope, this one is the 93" Alt/Gen style and we opted for single plugs and slightly lower compression just to keep things simple.

Otto's never been so happy.
The plan? Well, the basic idea is this: build a no-bullshit chopper that can hammer down the highway for days at a time but have a higher finish quality than anything I've previously built. It'll have brakes up front (for once) and will be kick-only. Kinda like our helmets, it'll look traditional but use a lot more modern technology than immediately meets the eye. We're going to use parts from our own shelves as well as stuff from our pals at Lowbrow Customs and Drag Specialties. Of course we'll make some stuff from scratch and visit some of our friends along the way to tap into their expertise. The goal is to have it wrapped up by Born Free and ride it from So Cal to New Jersey for the 10th annual Gypsy Run.

We will do a some blog and video updates along the way, and you can follow the hashtag #milemuncher to see updates on Instagram. Stay tuned!


S&S Cycle
Drag Specialties
Lowbrow Customs

Michael Lichter / Naked Truth / Sturgis 2015

This being the 75th anniversary of the Sturgis motorcycle rally, all the stops were pulled in the way of fun and festivals. Michael Lichters’ ‘Naked Truth’ bike builder expo was no exception and was hosted by the world famous Buffalo Chip in its Russ Brown events center. The duration of the representation ran from August 1st to the 7th, 2015 in the behemoth of a campground just outside of Sturgis city proper.

The bikes were all displayed in the buff, sans paint, hence the name of the exhibition. Over 30 artists built two-wheeled freedom machines specifically for the show, all of them unique and full of intricate details and craftmanship laid out in plain sight for the spectator to observe. Notable bikes from the likes of Jeff Wright, Dalton Walker, Johnny Branch and Bill Dodge and a host of others rested on custom built pedestals constructed in events center open to the public from 10am to 10pm.

Though the bikes themselves were extraordinary, Lichter himself stole his own show by decorating the perimeter of the soiree with over a 100 of his timeless, iconic photos from the last 35+ years of his career. Though the subjects displayed in his pictures vary, theres always a common thread in each Lichter photo: an unbridled love of motorcycles and the lifestyle a love like that dictates.  



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