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Hangin' in Hanford

On May 16th 2015, Classic Cycle Events hosted the 47th annual Hanford Vintage Motorcycle Rally. Held at the King's Fairgrounds in Hanford, CA and in conjunction with a motorcycle parts swap, this show has always been a vital stop on the swap circuit. Real pickers arrive the day before and wait in line to be the first in and the first to score crusty gold, mined from the local central California valley. Friday nights are spent talking about old bikes and bbq'n a few dogs and tossing back some brews with the boys, both young and old. The fact the show and swap takes place in a grassy section of the fairgrounds gives it a back east feel that many of the other California swaps don’t posses. 

After a night spent sleeping in the dirt, the gates open up to spectators looking to grab what’s left of the parts for sale and lay eyes on some of the killer show bikes that make their way to the event. As people pour in, the bikes quickly get mobbed by guys talking about how they used to have this same bike but theirs was different. Marshall Baker, the man that hosts the show,  gives out a few awards in predetermined classes of bikes ranging from early dirt bikes to later model Brit bikes. The show concludes about noon and most of the vendors clear out a little bit earlier after having hopefully sold what they brought and loaded up with more junk for the following years meet.

Thanks again, Marshall for always hosting such a fun show and swap! More info at:


Fuel Cleveland Show

Thanks to our friends at Lowbrow Customs for putting on a banger first-year event: Fuel Cleveland.

There was no shortage of quality bikes inside or outside of the show, lots of cold beer, walls jam-packed with artwork and photos. It was good to catch up with some old friends and meet some new chopper nerds. I wanna go back next year on a bike so I can ride all those crazy bridges Cleveland has everywhere!

Here's a few snappies for those who couldn't make it.


Born Free 7 Party at Garage Company!

Save the date! March 21st at the Garage Company in Inglewood Ca. We are hosting the 4th annual Born-Free Party! Long bikes. Hot broads. Cold beers. Hot wings. Big giveaways. Good times. See you there!

Thanks to our buddy Dane Danner for the flyer artwork!

Quality Control Helmet Art Show

Written by: Ryan Loughridge

A taco shack, live music, raffle prizes, and a dozen custom painted Biltwell helmets! That’s how MotoLady likes to celebrate. To ring in the 4 year anniversary of MotoLady, Alicia Elfving and Jeff Wolf decided to get creative. They chose to have some fun and host a helmet art show: Quality Control. The third host, Dumptruck was kind enough to donate his garage space in Signal Hill, California for the event.

Including his own work, Jeff Wolf of Wolf Designs invited 5 other artists to each submit two painted Biltwell helmets. One of each of the artist’s helmets would be raffled off and the other would be sold. The artists included the likes of Spencer Getty of Spagetty’s Garage, Bryan Scott, Bombshell Deluxe, Jason Prouty of Garage 31, and Jeff Yarrington. Each artist brought a unique style and approach to their Biltwell lid, showcasing a broad assortment of artistic expression.

With tons of people heading home with custom painted helmets and some other goodies from the piñata the Quality Control show was a hit. Congratulations to MotoLady on the 4th anniversary and a great show. 

Biltwell Parking Lot Sale 2015

Alright! It's that time of year where we collect up all the scratch and dent merch and our own personal moto-junk and throw it all out in the parking lot at a deep discount. See the above flyer for details. We'll have Dang Brother's Pizza slinging hand-made pies and McGoo and GF Paula are going to be your personal baristas at the free coffee bar. Four Aces Wes, Johnny Surprise and Tiger Shack Ryan are all going to have their race bikes on display. We've got a bunch of friends bringing parts and junk to sell, so show up with that bundle of Christmas cash granny sent ya' and be ready to party!

Here's the list:
Big O
Johnny Surprise

Saturday January 3rd • 42349 Winchester Road, Temecula, 92590 • 9:00AM - 2:00PM

McGoo's CB450 Street Tracker

The finicky canine with his back to this little CB450 is my life partner Willis. Among all creatures great and small, no one has watched me suck at motorcycle maintenance more than he has. Willis's zen approach to ambivalence is highly motivational, and his casual demeanor is the polar opposite of my own manic obsession with getting shit done. Taoist dogs and tempests in a teapot make strange bedfellows, but we mange to find balance. Sometimes, unfortunately, that balance might take a house pet's lifetime to materialize.

An old friend whose day job, like mine, always seems to get in the way of the stuff he'd rather be doing gifted me this basket case in 2007. Not wanting to insult Maximum Bob's generosity, I enlisted the help of Duane Ballard and our friend Alex Cardone to bang out the machine you see here: a stripped-down, spruced up custom street tracker of eclectic pedigree. Both gentlemen have badass CB750s in their personal quivers, so I knew their collective skills would be helpful.

The frame on my fun-sized custom is a '72 CB450. Kutty Noteboom helped me shoehorn a '77 CB750 swingarm into the chassis by sectioning and narrowing the stock construction perpendicular to the pivot shaft. The forks and trees are from a Sportster, onto which I grafted a custom lathe-turned and TIG-welded steer tube extension. This was required in order to install the H-D trees on the longer loose ball neck on the stock frame. After sussing the basic chassis I cut off various bits to clean things up and to accommodate the installation of bodywork and tank from GP Glassworks.

I'm fussy about wheels, and this bike features some doozies. The 18-inch rear is a 32-spoke Excel alloy hoop laced to a '75 CR250 Elsinore drum hub with Buchanan spokes. The 19-inch front is a 40-spoke number on a matching powder coated alloy rim grafted to an H-D Midglide hub from which I shaved 4mm off the rotor mounting surface to squeeze it and an XL caliper between the shaved sliders. I could have simply groped around for a Sportster hub, but I was too stupid at the time to know there was a difference. Bottom line: she stops like a champ, with millimeters to spare between friction bits.

Uncle Bitchin' did a stellar job spraying the '70s Elsinore MX livery I envisioned for my CB's paint. Gold leaf in the Honda wings on each side of the tank is a nice touch. During the initial build I skipped lining the fiberglass gas tank on the promise from its maker that no such fuss would be required. Bullshit. A couple months after her maiden shakedown, residual gas broke down the resin inside the glasswork, turning both 26mm Mikuni carbs into a gummed-up mess. All this happened in 2008.

It took me 42 dog years to finally exorcise my street tracker's demons, but today she is a high-revving screamer. Not the fastest bike in the Biltwell stable, but certainly one of the most fun to ride. To determine the best jetting and ignition settings for my rice rocket, I enlisted the talents of a wily old Japanese motorcycle vet from Orange County. After he returned the CB to my stable I installed a Biltwell Mako taillight, a set of 7/8-inch Tracker bars, two Biltwell mufflers and a pair of Thruster grips.

I'm particularly happy with the look and sound of my CB450's exhaust. I used a section of 1" x 1/4" 6061 alloy to cobble a pair of simple muffler hangers, then employed one Biltwell Muffler clamp on each side to create a mounting point for both pipe/mini muffler assemblies. The look is super clean, and no welding or cutting was required.

It took me six years to finish it, but my new-and-improved street tracker makes me smile. Willis doesn't seem to give a shit, but that's because this little CB450 is the only thing in my life that gets more love than he does. – McGoo

DicE #59 Takeover

Our friends Matt & Dean recently lost their collective minds and let us do a "takeover" on the upcoming DicE issue #59. What this means is that we got to design the cover, a bunch of inside pages, and the special 16-page insert in the middle. I used to be the art director for Snap BMX and Transworld Motocross magazines a years ago, so this was a kinda fun flashback.

They also asked us to design and manufacture 50 items that they can sell as limited editions with this issue. I've been wanting to do a small-scale traditional seabag, but with a couple extra features like Molle webbing that would be easy to attach to just about any sissy bar. I sketched up the dimensions, picked up a couple full-size seabags and headed to Duane Ballard's where we built the first prototype. That bag got a little six hundred or so mile shakedown and I learned a few things and made some modifications. Our vest guy in Los Angeles custom-dyed a lot of 100% cotton 18 oz. duck canvas and stitched 'em up. I'm gonna hand tie the closures and install the brass snap link as soon as they get back from the screen printer where the underside of each bag's lid is getting a little artwork and serial number added. The volume of most bags or luggage is usually measured in liters, but we thought it would be more fitting to use cans of beer since more of our customers would probably identify with that. This bag fit 36 Coors originals perfectly, hence the name EXFIL-36. We've found it's just about right for a weekend trip if you throw your tent on the bars and especially if you have tools and junk in an EXFIL-7. Got a little extra stuff? clip it on to the Molle straps on the side or add modular ammo pouches, etc. This bag is only available with DicE issue #59 which should be available on their webstore Dec. 22: They will only be a hundred bucks and once they sell the 50 bags, that's it.

You may have heard that another thing DicE likes to do is this: party. Because one party couldn't possibly be enough, we are throwing a pre-party at Powerplant's store "For the Love of Motorcycles" on Saturday Dec 20th starting at 5:00PM. We will have a couple bikes that are featured in issue #59 and some other surprises on display, all of Yaniv's super neat stuff, plus drinks, music, etc. At about 8:00PM we are going to brave the nasty weather and ride a grueling 1.7 miles (better bring a bed roll!) down to Pour Vous for the "Official Issue Release Party" There will be free bike parking, free admission and appropriately the Jesus Sons will be the musical entertainment. DicE gives out free mags at all of their release parties and of course we'll have a few things for you to.

Thanks DicE for letting kooks like us crash your magazine, and thanks Powerplant for letting us party at your store!

El Diablo Run 2015 Update

Get off the internet and ride your damn chopper like this fine gentleman.
Kumbaya starts each night at dusk

¿Uno mas cerveza, por favor?

High times, low tides

Stupid hurts

Hold fast

Last weekend, we went on a little pre-run to make sure everything is good-to-go for EDR15. Yep, the desert, beach, beer, potholes, federales, hookers, bars, palapas, twisty roads and all that good stuff is all still there and ready to party. Basically, nothing has changed. 

Here's your lodging details:


This sexy beast is here to party!

Have you seen him?

There are a handful of palapas now open for paid reservations at Kiki's Campo. 
Kiki also has a dozen or so brand new hotel rooms behind the camp, at the north end of the Circle of Death track.
You can contact him directly for either reservations, and should do so soon because things are starting to fill up already.

Team Reno demonstrates proper palapa style

Two nights free lodging in Ruben's palapas and on the beach. Thank your sponsors

If you can't figure out how to get into your tent, just sleep on top of it. Try to wake up before the sunburn gets too bad

Ruben's camp next door is ready to go and free palapas will be given on a first-come-first-served basis. Biltwell covered the cost of these palapas, so they are free to riders. If you miss out on one, you can also camp on the beach (best spot anyway) for free, and park your bike in either camp. There will be plenty of cheap beer, tacos and "entertainment" at Ruben's Camp both nights, as well as good deals on breakfast and coffee in the morning. This is not a family-friendly environment, you have been warned. 

La Palapa RV Camp on the other side of Ruben's

An alternative, La Palapa RV camp on the south side of Ruben's will have palapas for rent, but they are not free (probably about $30 per night and you can fit about 4 people in each one). The boss lady here is not able to take reservations in advance, but the campground is large and there are plenty of spots, so it's just about guaranteed that you wont get skunked. Should be plenty of palapas for everyone. 

Circle of Death style points

Better to low-side than high-side, right?

This is why we run the track backward (clockwise)

The Route to San Felipe:

For riders following our route from Temecula, there is a new gas station on the south side of HWY 8 about 66 miles out of Santa Ysabel, so we don't need to fill small tanks from pickups like last time.

The road south of the Mexicali border to San Felipe has no significant changes and is in the best condition we've ever seen. No construction at this time. Still has some potholes and is typical Mexico, but no surprises so far.


Everyone is staying at the Villa Marina hotel, which is the largest, pinkest building in Ensenada. If you get lost, head towards the coast and the giant Mexican flag. Near that flag, the VM is the only twelve-story building in town. 

You absolutely need to make your reservations well in advance. Juan Carlos at Baja Voyager handles dozens of race teams for the Baja 1000, is a professional guide for factory Toyota and has fixed the Ensenada side of the El Diablo Run for years. Go to his website to contact him here for your reservations:

The Villa Marina has a nice pool and secure bike parking. We've arranged good deals on food and booze here and there will be two bars set up: one in the parking lot and one by the pool. The VM is not the Ritz, but it is very accommodating and we've got the whole thing locked down so it'll pretty much be a big party the whole time. 

Generous pool area at Villa Marina in Ensenada

Plenty of secure parking at Villa Marina

The Route to Ensenada:

From San Felipe to Ensenada, it is as rough as it has even been. Plenty of potholes that will totally ruin your day. Remember those surprise speed bumps? Yep, still there, but they've moved them and they are unmarked just to test your skills. Slow down. There was no construction on this stretch today, but who knows what will be in store for us in May? This route is only a little over 150 miles, but it can take a while depending on circumstances. Just chill out and enjoy it and you will have a much better time than if you decide to haul ass. More than a few crashes have happened along this part of the ride and most of them have been a result of riding too fast. Don't forget to pull off to the left in Valle De Trinidad if you are going to need gas along the way. There is also gas in Ojos Negros, but it's around 100 miles from SF, so if you are a tiny tank nerd like us, you better stop in Trinidad to top off. 

The Ensenada to USA Border has good and bad news. There was a landslide that caved in part of the toll road. But, they fixed it. Then it caved in again. So, there are some detours onto the free road. The free road is a little slower and slightly longer, but scenic and skips one toll, so that's a bonus. This may be fixed by spring, but either way, just head north out of Ensenada and follow detour signs to TJ/San Diego. It's nearly impossible to get lost and there is gas along the way. The really good news is the border crossing has been upgraded and moves WAY faster now. What used to take three hours on a Sunday afternoon in a truck today took about an hour. On a bike, you should split lanes and be through it in a few minutes. The road conditions on this route were very twisty with fun elevation changes but not nearly as rough as the route from San Felipe. Slow truck traffic is the main obstacle. 

Most of the highway is not this nice

Don't forget to stop and enjoy the natural beauty Baja has to offer

These are the people and companies that pitch in a little extra to make sure you can camp on the beach, end up with a bunch of free swag, etc. Sponsors are limited to people who actually ride to the event. You might be surprised how many brands get turned away from sponsorship because of this requirement. Every one of these people are friends of ours and rides on the EDR.

Who says chrome won't get you home?

The EDR blog has a few pages dedicated to providing as much information on the ride as possible. If you are new to this whole deal, here are a few you should check out before you decide if it is for you or not:

This gas station hasn't had gas in decades, but it does have shade and sometimes cold Tecate

We will have a new, more accurate map sometime around the first of the year and we will publish an exact schedule so that no one misses the few organized events that take place during the run. 



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