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Job Opening!

Barnstorm Cycles is looking to fill a full time position with a motivated individual who already possesses Fabrication and Mechanical Skills, specifically related to motorcycles.

If you like:
Creating and making things that do not exist.
Preforming mechanical service on motorcycles of all types.
Using your mind and your hands.
Problem Solving.
Working with other like minded individuals.
Doing one-off work as well as production type work.

If you can:
TIG Weld.
Run a Lathe and Bridgeport.
Operate an angle grinder and not injure yourself.
Read instructions and understand them.
Perform common service work on motorcycles correctly (using Manuals if necessary).
Disassemble motorcycles and reassemble them correctly (using manuals if necessary).
Willingly learn new things, and cheerfully teach others skills you may have.
Operate a smart phone and your email.
Paint & bodywork skills a bonus

And you Understand that:
The customer is always right.
Quality is key!
Its more important to know HOW to find the answers than to already know them.
You can always learn something new. Heck, we do everyday!

You should apply for this job!

Must have a valid motorcycle license and a knowledge of motorcycles.
Helpful if you have your own basic tool set.
Some tasks will be physically demanding.
Opportunity to learn or expand your mechanical, welding, and fabrication skills.
Rate dependent on skill and experience level, but includes hourly AND commission components.

If you are interested in applying, please email Jake@Barnstorm.US with "Your name :Job Application" in the subject field, and we will send you an application.

The Barnstorm Girder Project is underway



add 13 degrees..

Scotchster Before and After



#Scotchster before and after.   As you can see the bike has undergone a major transformation!! The bike in its previous state was home-built by its former owner , Dr. G, who was a great guy and a great customer who unfortunately passed away a few years ago. I purchased two of his bikes from his family afterwards, (this one and an fxr I am building for myself) and helped them sell a third. ... Dr. G was extremely passionate about his bikes and had many many hours into every detail of his machines and had spent years developing them. You couldn't help but appreciate his efforts. As such, when I acquired these machines I didn't think it was right to just "flip" them and so I decided that it was time they were "re-born," so to speak. I felt that Dr.G would have been excited to see his bikes not only see a new life, but see a new phase of existence as well. I did however save all of the original tin-work from this bike and will be putting it on permanent display at the shop soon.... Just a small homage to the former version. As for the bike now, I am very grateful to have been able to reinvent the machine with and for my good friend Joe, and I know Dr. G would be extremely happy to see his bike looking fresh and most importantly, getting ridden and loved! From one motorcycle enthusiast to another, may the cycle continue.



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