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Jake Cutler is the co-owner and operator of Barnstorm Cycles in Spencer, MA.  With parents who took their wedding vows whilst sitting upon a chopped Triumph, Jake was doomed to be a motorcycle enthusiasts from the day he was born.  In 2004, he and his father Doug decided to take their small home shop, located in a old re-purposed barn, and open it up to the public.  They have been building, riding and wrenching under the name Barnstorm ever since.  Jake has spent his entire lifetime getting his hands dirty simply because it's in his nature, but when forced to label, fancies himself a problem-solver and/or fabricator over all other titles.  When he is not at the shop, Jake likes to spend time with his wife Amy, his family, his three dogs and of course, riding motorcycles. 

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Landspeed Knuckle:Part 1

So, I bought the 41 some 6-7 years ago (maybe more?!) from my good friend PQ as a box of parts and over 2 years he and I built it back into a powerplant.  From there she lived in a simple rigid set up that I rode often for most of those years, clocking  well over 20,000 trouble free miles.  Over that whole time period however, I never actually finished the bike.  It was always just a temporary deal, holding me over you could say, until I felt I was ready for the next leg of the journey.

Well, after letting this poor lady sit for almost a whole year, I decided it has been long enough.  I'm starting in on this Landspeed dream while I can!

I'm not really 100% sure of the scope of the project just yet, and there are a ton of details yet to be determined, but I'm starting,

Today I am setting some goals for this project, to hold my self accountable.

1) setting a deadline of one year from yesterday to have a running & riding prototype.  If i'm doing it, I want to push my limits, and I want to do it right.

2) While the quest is indeed about speed, for me it also just as much about actually showing up to the salt flats with a 100% purpose built bike and running it.

3) Enjoying the whole process.  So much of my life is motorcycle related, but 99% of it is work-for-clients.  I do not want to stress about this project, no matter what.  I work on my own stuff because I can, and because I love it.  I welcome this as an opportunity to re-connect with my machine.  Things will not always go as planned. I will have problems. But I love problem solving, and look forward to solving issues they arise.  

4) The experience as a whole will be new for me. The locations, the faces, the history, it's all territory I can't wait to become acquainted with.

 The old set up...
 Saying goodbye



Job Opening!

Barnstorm Cycles is looking to fill a full time position with a motivated individual who already possesses Fabrication and Mechanical Skills, specifically related to motorcycles.

If you like:
Creating and making things that do not exist.
Preforming mechanical service on motorcycles of all types.
Using your mind and your hands.
Problem Solving.
Working with other like minded individuals.
Doing one-off work as well as production type work.

If you can:
TIG Weld.
Run a Lathe and Bridgeport.
Operate an angle grinder and not injure yourself.
Read instructions and understand them.
Perform common service work on motorcycles correctly (using Manuals if necessary).
Disassemble motorcycles and reassemble them correctly (using manuals if necessary).
Willingly learn new things, and cheerfully teach others skills you may have.
Operate a smart phone and your email.
Paint & bodywork skills a bonus

And you Understand that:
The customer is always right.
Quality is key!
Its more important to know HOW to find the answers than to already know them.
You can always learn something new. Heck, we do everyday!

You should apply for this job!

Must have a valid motorcycle license and a knowledge of motorcycles.
Helpful if you have your own basic tool set.
Some tasks will be physically demanding.
Opportunity to learn or expand your mechanical, welding, and fabrication skills.
Rate dependent on skill and experience level, but includes hourly AND commission components.

If you are interested in applying, please email Jake@Barnstorm.US with "Your name :Job Application" in the subject field, and we will send you an application.


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