You probably wonder where I've been.......

Well, I've been busy as hell. Found most of the parts to rebuild my Road Glide (now renamed The Deer Glide), now if I only had time to tear it down so I can cut the neck off, and send it to H-D to get a new frame! I'm also looking for a nice set of '86-'99 Timkin tapered bearing H-D Factory bagger mag wheels.

Also got my single-looper CFL torn down so I can finish the welds I couldn't get to, and to make a few additions - like the ports in the frame rails to run my hydraulic clutch line internally, for one. Then, the frame is off for nickel plating, and the tins off to Kirk Taylor at Custom Design Studios for paint. Kirk is gonna kill this paint job, I ain't lettin' the cat out of the bag on it until it's done.

Broke everything down on Lumpy's CFL, and it's out to paint, plating, polishing, and powdercoating. Hoping for a 3 week turnaround on all the parts (yeah right!). Deb has some $$$ on the way, so we'll be rolling on her bike again mucho queeko. Also got a call from a guy that has a Ryan Boyd bike that needs to be taken to completion on the fab and fittments. Wants to ride it to Laughlin for the River Run. He says he'll be here Saturday "....if the weather is good". Right now it's snowing, so..........

Brad from Silver City, NM is coming up on Friday to pick up his frame I worked over, and he's also picking up his fresh Pan rebuild from Deluxe Motorcycles as well. Brad will be a busy guy when he gets home! I'm still gathering parts and working on Tommy's Evo and Softail transmission in a 4 speed swingarm frame when we can, too.
Which brings us to this one - Shawn's frame. This is the Chassis Design Co. "Bling Cycles"-style frame that I took the drop seat frame section out of, raised the backbone 1", and shortened up the ass-end 2 1/2". All I have left on it, is to make his sissy bar tomorrow, and install his front end. It'll roll out of here on Saturday, if Shawn's back from SoCal. I need some room! I need a ham sandwich and curly fries! I need a vacation! 
Plus, last week Shawn took home the completed Santee 4 speed swingarm frame that we stretched and fitted up for his son's Evo/Softail 6 speed, the one from a couple posts back. Whew!

And........Michael Lichter referred a gal named  Masyn Moyer to me, she has a film project she's working on, and she'd like to meet with me about participating with the project, tomorrow afternoon. I don't know too much about it yet, but she says it involves "....bikes, building bikes, and girls". Should be interesting! We'll see tomorrow what she has planned. 

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